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Exam MB7-700

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Installation and Configuration

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  • Published: December 28, 2012
  • Languages: English, Turkish
  • Audiences: IT professionals
  • Technology: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013
  • Credit toward certification: MCP, Microsoft Dynamics Certified Technology Specialist

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Skills measured

This exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below. The percentages indicate the relative weight of each major topic area on the exam. The higher the percentage, the more questions you are likely to see on that content area on the exam.

Please note that the questions may test on, but will not be limited to, the topics described in the bulleted text.

  • Explain the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 architecture

    • Explain the data tier, the server tier, the client tier, and the configuration options

  • Select the client options

    • Distinguish the differences and features of the Portal Framework for SharePoint, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Web Services, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Server, and the Microsoft Dynamics NAV web client

  • Choose installation options

    • Choose the components to install; preconfigure components; create and load configuration files; select the appropriate server option, client option, developer option, and custom components options

  • Describe installation prerequisites

    • Choose the operating system version; choose the appropriate database technology and version; choose the required version of the Microsoft .NET Framework

  • Describe system requirements

    • Identify the system requirements for all Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 components

  • Install and configure Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server

    • Install and configure Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server; describe server instances and service types; implement security enhancements

  • Identify and describe server administration tools

    • Explain the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Administration tool; describe the Microsoft Dynamics NAV PowerShell application programming interface (API); describe the Microsoft Dynamics NAV security system; explain the RoleTailored client; describe the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment; configure the credential type

  • Interoperate within wide area network (WAN) connections

    • Describe deployment scenarios; choose and install certificates; explain performance considerations in a WAN deployment

  • Use NAS services

    • Use the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Server; configure NAS Services settings; use NAS Services applications in dedicated server instances

  • Install the RoleTailored client for Windows

    • Perform a GUI-based installation; perform an installation from a command line; set up the configuration files; perform an installation in a network; perform an installation of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment

  • Install Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Web Services components

    • Install components; install the SOAP and oData web services; publish a web service; publish a page as a web service; verify availability of a web service

  • Install the Microsoft Dynamics NAV web client

    • Install and configure the Microsoft Dynamics NAV web client; install Internet Information Services (IIS) for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV web client; delegate setup

  • Install the Portal Framework for SharePoint

    • Define the Portal Framework for SharePoint; prepare for and perform the installation of the Portal Framework for SharePoint; deploy and activate the Portal Framework for SharePoint; perform post-setup configuration and delegation

  • Support a Microsoft Dynamics NAV client installation

    • Configure a client computer for a WAN deployment; install and use language modules; identify WAN deployment scenarios

  • Install and run the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment

    • Perform an installation of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment; add a new Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment; add a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment to an existing deployment; run the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment

  • Manage databases

    • Create, alter, and test a database; open, close and delete a database; back up and restore a database; explain database information

  • Manage companies

    • Create, open, rename, and delete a company; use companies

  • Manage objects and licenses

    • Describe the demo license; use license information; upload a license; run the Object Designer

  • Use RoleTailored design

    • Identify design principles; describe the RoleTailored client for Windows; explain RoleTailored client pages; use profiles and Role Centers

  • Configure the RoleTailored client

    • Explain how to start the RoleTailored client for Windows in configuration mode; identify command-line parameters; disable personalization

  • Customize the Navigation pane

    • Use the Customize Navigation Pane dialog box; rename, remove, and rearrange items within the Navigation pane; create and configure a New Activity button; undo customizations

  • Customize pages

    • Customize the Page dialog box; customize the Filter and FactBox panes; customize the ribbon; customize FastTabs

  • Describe the deployment process

    • Deploy by using Group Policy; explain software installation extensions, software distribution points, supported installation file types, and the software deployment process

  • Deploy Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

    • Plan and prepare to deploy Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013; set up a Software Distribution Point (SDP); create a Group Policy Object (GPO); specify software installation properties; add software packages to a GPO; set software package properties; describe best practices; remove applications deployed by using Group Policy

  • Use the Microsoft Dynamics NAV PowerShell module

    • Explain the Microsoft Dynamics NAV PowerShell API; start a Windows PowerShell session; find the available cmdlets; get help for cmdlets; identify common parameters

  • Use Windows PowerShell cmdlets

    • Describe and use the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Windows PowerShell cmdlets

Preparation options

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Who should take this exam?

This exam is designed for individuals who plan to use core setup and finance features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. They typically are sales consultants, implementation consultants, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 users who are in the finance industries. Candidates should also have a basic knowledge of setup and configuration procedures for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 features and functionalities, and accounting rules and practices.

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