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Software Assurance by company size

Whether your company has five employees or thousands, Software Assurance can help you get the most out of your technology investment.

Small businesses

Small businesses can benefit from rights to new product versions that are released during your agreement term, training to help enhance productivity of IT staff and end users, and planning services to assist in preparing for efficient deployments.

With Software Assurance you can:

  • Use support and training options when you need them without having to spend more money or find more service providers.

  • Help employees become more productive with benefits like online training and the Home Use Program, which provides low-cost downloads of Microsoft Office for employees to use at home.

  • Spread the cost of licenses and Software Assurance across three equal annual sums with no interest fees via the Spread Payments benefit.

  • Lower the costs of software purchases by upgrading to new software versions released during your agreement without additional licensing costs.

Learn more about Software Assurance for Small Business (PDF, 148 KB)

Midsize and Large Businesses

Midsize and large businesses may face the need to support growing business processes while managing hundreds of end users, and often with limited IT staff and resources. Software Assurance benefits offer a comprehensive set of services and tools that span Microsoft enterprise products and emerging IT trends that can help you get better value from your existing IT investment.

To help you implement and manage Microsoft products and services more efficiently, Software Assurance provides these benefits:

  • Planning Services to help you envision solutions and plan deployments, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.

  • Technical training for IT staff and end-user training to improve productivity without impacting your budget.

  • Access to new software released during your agreement, which you can use to update your core infrastructure products and devices to better manage cloud services and optimize users’ experience.

  • Support for a greater variety of cloud and hybrid deployment options with extended license rights that let you deploy existing server application licenses in shared data centers.

  • Flexibility to support bring-your-own-device scenarios and worker preferences.

Learn more about acquiring Software Assurance through Volume Licensing agreements that support your unique business needs:

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