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Blackjack Master 3 is the best blackjack experience available for Windows 8. Featuring fast paced blackjack action with correctly implemented rules, this will be the last blackjack app you ever download! Worried about missing features or rules? Not a chance. This version of blackjack implements every rule correctly, including: Splitting (to four), Doubling, Surrendering, Insurance, 3:2 payout for Blackjack, and more. Everything is there. Interested in learning basic strategy? No problem. Click on "Hint" to view an accurate strategy chart at any time, with the correct move highlighted. Think you've got basic strategy memorized? Try "Training Mode" for the ultimate challenge to your memory! Want to compare yourself to your friends? Check out the leader board to see how you rank among the best. Try Blackjack Master 3 today. It will be the last blackjack app you ever download!

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  • Fast paced game play with tasteful animations.
  • Accurately implemented rules that can be customized.
  • Blackjack strategy charts at your fingertips to learn basic strategy.
  • Statistics to allow you to track your strategy.
  • Training mode to put your basic strategy skills to the test.
  • Practice mode allows you unlimited access to tables if you run out of chips.

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Ricky Walker

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Copyright (c) 2014, Richard Walker. All rights reserved.


Ricky Walker

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12 metų ir vyresniems



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