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For a thousand years my people had been killed by barbarians. Young women, old men and children… no one would be spared. I am Od, son of Odin, as long as there's life in my breast I .. am … protecting my people. April 16, 1178 BC Today I woke up of the horrible scream heard from behind the gate. I took my sword and ran outside to see what was happening. There was a little boy with both hands on his ears. When I understood what happened, I felt how my heart started to beat slowlier. Nothing could stop me as I ran down the field, people tried to stop me, yet I ignored them... When I came to myself and opened my eyes again, I was lying on the ground on soft green grass. A thick plume of dark warm blood gushed out of my chest like a fountain. My eyes moved all around, looking for any sign of an enemy. I swear I… heard steps coming closer. Damn it!...It's very bright. I heard a strange voice constantly talking to me. And it asked me who am I? When I answered the question, I felt how my body stopped hurting and white tall people surrounded me. They said that I am a son of Gods and only I can stop the barbarians. They cured me and gave me superpower. Now I can change this world…

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  • Not just an RPG, the game is full of unpredictable moments and interesting personalities
  • Mortal enemies and extremely dangerous battles
  • Multiple upgrades and improvements
  • Tonnes of weapons, amours and magic charms

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Entertainment Zone LLC

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