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Confilct of Kingdoms: Total War is a SLG game where you need to interact with players from all over the world in real time. Join the alliance and find partners from all over the world! To defeat the enemy, you need to face the aggression from players all over the world! This is an RTS game at the same time. The assistance and war in the game are real-time. Show your war tactics and strategies to your heart's content and strive to win the supreme throne! Game Features ·Free gold coins, free production of gold coins can play without recharging Original gold coin mining gameplay, 24 hours of continuous production of gold coins, massive gold coin benefits are waiting for you! ·Free construction, city development strategy is up to you It is the first to create a free distribution of gameplay by workers, bid farewell to boring fixed queues. Is it concentrated workers to upgrade the castle? Or is it scattered workers to fully reclaim farmland? The strategy of building a highly free city is up to you! ·Legend heroes, help you conquer the world Alexander! Genghis Khan! Caesar! Joan! ...The legendary heroes praised by the people of all countries are waiting for your recruitment! Heroes emerge in troubled times, and write your own legend under the witness of legendary heroes! ·Hidden soldiers in the secret realm, the castle offensive and defensive tactics are easily used Save strength? Surprisingly win? Flexible use of hidden soldiers in the secret realm, choose appropriate offensive and defensive tactics, and win with one blow! ·Guardian beast, the character of the lion king is up to you docile? irritable? cruel? ...Your character determines the character of the Lion King! The unique you make a unique lion king, the new lion king training gameplay is waiting for you to explore! ·The artifact comes, collect artifacts to help you Original artifact collection and plundering gameplay. The sword of Tyrael, the shield of Aegis, the Trojan horse... the legendary artifacts descended on this world, find them! Of course you also need to protect it from the enemy! ·Crazy magic mine, let you get rich overnight Original alliance resource investment gameplay, put all your resources into the magic mine! Keep it and you can get more than 300% return! Exciting battle is on the verge! ·Occupy the resource tower to make you stronger Original resource tower occupation gameplay, want to claim the throne? You first need to get a place in the resource tower, a steady stream of additional war resources and powerful attribute gains will allow you to maintain an advantage in the final battle! ·Fight for the throne, for glory and power Once you succeed, you will need to defeat all enemy empires on your way to the pinnacle of power to ascend to the highest throne that symbolizes glory and power!

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What's New: 1. New gameplay --- Tower of Merlin; 2. Easter event. Optimization: 1. Optimized the guidance for the novice stage of the game and adjust the rewards of Lord's Trial; 2. Adjusted the unlocking conditions of Beauty Manor, Hero Hall, Turret Guard, Treasure Trial; 3. Optimized the Beauty Manor UI, added the entrance of Tower of Merlin, and optimized Dating, Quiz functions; 4. Adjusted the rewards for Treasure Trial and Kingdom Monster; 5. Adjusted the marching capacity corresponding to the castle level and the difficulty of some monsters and monster camps.

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