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THIS IS THE ULTIMATE DRAG RACE GAME, DOWNLOAD Drag Racing Nitro Rivals TODAY! Drag Racing is the car racing game in which you jump behind the wheel of a awesome street racing car in the middle of an epic drag race. Get your adrenaline fix in this game as you race against other drivers in a battle of pure straight-line speed. There are three different difficulty levels to play on so you can customize your experience to skill level for a constant challenge. To get the best opportunity of winning master the shift system as you will need to time when you change gears. The perfect shift to the next gear will allow you to maximize your power during the race. Complete a bad shift and suffer the consequences. Good luck! Just what you like most. See you on the race track. And happy wheels are waiting for you! A new drag racing series is born, Drag Racing Nitro Rivals is finally here full with addictive gameplay and intense racing moments. High speed driving in cutting edge drag racing cars, blast your way to the finish. Enjoy adn play for free Drag Racing Nitro Rivals !

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