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ExplorOz Traveller has earned its reputation as the most popular GPS mapping app for people that love touring, camping, and exploring and is suitable for all on-road and 4x4 adventures, no matter where you go in Australia. The app includes maps, routes, & POIs but also allows you to add more with support to download the very latest 2019 EOTopo maps for the whole of Australia to expand the offline map zoom to enjoy offline mapping at 144K scale (Australia's most detailed offline map complete with campsites, roads, and 4WD tracks). App users can also create new POIs as required for navigation or to share, and there is support for GPX waypoint import. App includes a Snail Trail feature (to display the path you have travelled on the map screen). This assists with backtracking if you get lost. If you want to enable Track Logging (to send your position data and path travelled to a map on the ExplorOz website for family/friends to follow your active trip, then sign up for Tracking via Membership). MAPS Maps are included for the whole of Australia. The app features a simple option to view/switch maps from 3 different sources: 1. EOTopo 2019 maps are available both online and offline* 2. Streets & Paths maps - online only 3. Satellite maps - online only The map screen will automatically switch to display offline EOTopo when service is disconnected. OFFLINE USAGE The app provides active navigation without the need for internet but requires GPS. The Base Map offline offers Level 9 (overzoom to 10) so if you require additional zoom for more detail offline you will need to purchase/download the EOTopo offline map pack. This will allow you to download the 577K Australia map (provides Level 11, with Level 12 overzoom) and then the 144K map packs (144K East, 144K Central, 144K West) provides Level 13 (with Levels 14-16 overzoom). If you don’t have an EOTopo license, the only offline map you will have access to is the Base Map - max zoom Level 9. This base map covers the whole of Australia at a scale of 1:2.3 million and is intended purely to allow a basic offline operation and basic overview map of Australia without detailed zoom. The EOTopo 2019 map licence is an additional AU $49.99. AUTO-ROUTING Turn-turn driving directions can be built in the app for Place to Place navigation but only whilst you have an online connection. Once the plan has more than 1 Place in the route you can SAVE the plan Your saved plan becomes stored in the PRIVATE TREKS section of the app. You can open your Private Treks when offline to enjoy use of the turn-by-turn directions for offline navigation following your planned route. TRACK LOGGING (SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED) Track Logging is a background feature that operates when the app is running and tracking is enabled. No internet is required. Position data is collected in real-time and stored in your device. When your device is online, position data is synced to your online account. A map showing your server tracking is displayed for your convenience on the home screen of the app and on the ExplorOz website (based on your security settings). This allows family/friends to view your tracking map as you travel. This appears on the EOTrackMe page on the website and in your Member Profile page. You can also add your active server tracking map to a Blog on the ExplorOz website. Server tracking data can be archived, saved and displayed in your account as a Track Log for personal reference and also can be added to Blogs. GPS USAGE This app requires use of a GPS as a Windows sensor. You can either use a device with inbuilt GPS or connect to a compatible GPS. Serial or USB based GPS devices may require the use of a GPS sensor driver (we recommend GPSComplete available from https://www.turboirc.com/gps7/). Note: If you intend to use multiple GPS programs alongside ExplorOz Traveller (eg. OziExplorer or TrackRanger) then you will need the GPSComplete Bundle. Direct connects the GPS to Windows 10 and Reverse then makes another Serial port from the Direct connection, allowing you to connect back to your existing program. You can download and run this product in evaluation mode.

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