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Enter the ultimate street racing scene to win the car collection of your dreams. Pick an event, set your lineup, and race for infamy. COLLECT AND UPGRADE ICONIC CARS Race to collect legendary cars – from classic muscle to modern sports and retro supercars – turning your garage into a trophy case. TRUE CINEMATIC RACING Streamlined controls focus on timing for gas, brake, and boost as action-cams chase the adrenaline up close. RACE ON YOUR TERMS Race anytime, anywhere. Squeeze in a quick one-minute race or get immersed in an endless story with multiple paths to victory.

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FORZA STREET UPDATE - 27.0.1 The latest update for Forza Street brings the launch of the McLaren Takeover! This special event will run from August 12th to September 23rd 2019. Celebrate the arrival of McLaren by racing through a McLaren-themed Miami and win a range of powerful cars in a whole new event type: MCLAREN TAKEOVER For the McLaren Takeover, each of your cars can only be used ONCE in a 24 hour period. To earn the biggest rewards, you'll need to make use of multiple cars from your garage. Is your collection up to the challenge? NEW CARS TO COLLECT Race your way to victory in the event to earn McLaren Chips, giving you a chance to win as many as 5 different McLaren cars! Which of these beauties do you most want to add to your collection? • 2018 McLaren Senna • 2018 McLaren 720S Coupe • 2016 McLaren 570S Coupe • 2016 McLaren P1 GTR • 1993 McLaren F1 DAILY CHALLENGES UPDATED Keep an eye open for new Daily Challenge rewards, offering you more chances to scoop up McLaren Chips! NEW SPOTLIGHT EVENTS The McLaren Takeover will run alongside Forza Street's usual Spotlights; a new run of events are scheduled to kick off every week, so look out for some new opportunities and returning favorites!


  • Expanding Roster of Cars: From the best performance icons from street and showroom, collect cars from a list that’s constantly growing.
  • Street Showdowns: Quick, point to point races puts focus on you and your opponent as you speed through twisting neon streets.
  • Upgrade Your Rides: Maximize the power of your lineup to take on more challenging and more lucrative events.
  • An Endless Story: With weekly new content, be ready to take on fresh events, stories, and challenges with each update.
  • Multiple Paths to Victory: Big risk equals big rewards. Take on faster opponents for more prizes or play it safe and secure the win.
  • Built for Speed: Built to support gorgeous graphics on a wide range of devices makes this anyone’s race.

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Microsoft Studios

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Microsoft Studios


Electric Square, a Keywords Studio

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