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The hunting process has never been so realistic! Take the professional equipment and go to meet some rather smart prey. Wildlands of Ontario, Alaska and Colorado await you — and each location proposes challenging hunting missions. Pass the long, dangerous and exciting way from an amateur hunter to the professional! Hunt on vast hunting ground in search of worthy trophy animals. Most mighty and dangerous of them will decorate your personal trophy room. Choose from the weapons available: ▪ Sniper rifles; ▪ Hunting rifles; ▪ Professional crossbow; ▪ Shotgun. Hunt alone or together with the hunting dog. That’s best tracker and guard for you. Rely on its sense of smell and hunt down even most cautious prey. Try to stay invisible to the prey and don't forget to aim as precisely as you can. Also, watch out for dangerous animals like bears. Sometimes, the hunter becomes the prey! Key characteristics: ▪ Dangerous animals to hunt down (from a fox to deer); ▪ Professional equipment (rifles, guns and even a crossbow); ▪ 3 locations to hunt on with numerous missions (wander through snow, rocks, and plains); ▪ Sniper aiming (kill your prey in one shot); ▪ Hunting dog (your friend and trusted companion that can locate any beast); ▪ Limitless exploration within each location (one never knows, where a prey hides). Start a breathtaking hunting adventure in North America. Develop shooting and tracking skills. Be patient to find best prey and add new trophies to your collection.

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