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Are you ready to enjoy ultimate sports car stunts and shatter your world with amazing stunt adventure? Impossible Car Stunts : Extreme Car Racing is an all-new extreme stunt car driving simulation for your stunt adventure. This unique stunt car racing game is the best stunt game, so get ready to feel the urge for super fun stunts. This stunning stunts game is filled with, extreme stunts, drift, car roof jumps, mid-air jumps, real time car driving and much more. Can you show off stunt driving skills with asphalt car? Prepare yourself to perform drive and doing amazing stunts on ramp. This game is a sequel to your previous favorite game Car Stunts with quick airborne stunt car to drive, boost, and jump from roof to roof. Do magnificent mid-air stunts, tricks and huge roof jumps with Real Car Experiance through the racing track against rival racers. For the wild car chase you need to stay on track, ultimate judgment of steep ramps, and pull out jumps on time to complete challenge. You will surely enjoy this modern era concept of racing game with insane stunts and it’s definitely fulfilling your dreams of driving a sports car. It is time for drive massively high detailed cars, so wear your racing car gear, and tighten your seat belt. Get ready to dash and burn the stunt tracks and defeat some racing rivals. In this crazy tricky race no need to break and worry about to police, just do some corkscrew stunts and make roof flip. Your game role is blaze the road and accelerates your way to race against other muscle stunts car. During race use nitrous and drive on insane speed to perform tricky stunts and far jumps. Use your tricks and knock them rivals off the track to win the race. Become a world stunt man and beware to leave the track because it’s wasting your time. Ride airborne car on top speed with blazing fires and complete risky challenges and earn all achievement of this reckless stunt game. Its realistic physics engine based cars and energetic racing mission will make it adventure game. The splendid car stunt simulator provides you tons of challenging levels with great interior feels and entertaining. The modern stunt and drag racing game filled with full action and free style stunt riding. Join the stunt mania world and prepare yourself to enjoy astonishing race with incredible high speed race track. Burn the asphalt roads at lightning speed with cool slow-motion jump animations and cutting edge 3D visuals. Become a real stunt hero and amaze stunt world with your risky tricks or huge roof jumps.

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Big Bytes Games

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