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Craps is the most exciting game in the casino to play, but also one of the most intimidating for new players to try. There is no shortage of action as you stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other players, bet on any possible outcome of the two dice, and cheer loudly when the dice roll in your favor... plus, it takes four dealers just to run to game! Knave Craps is a realistic game of casino-style Craps that allows you to become familiar with the game and the multitudes of different bets on your Windows 10 computer. This game is for entertainment purposes only, and does not award or consume real money or require that in-game chips be purchased using real money. If you go bust, then simply hit Restart, and your bankroll resets to 500 chips!

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Fixed bug preventing the removal of bets


  • Multitude of bets: Pass, Don't Pass, Come, Don't Come, Place, Field, Big 6/8... Plus all of the proposition bets
  • 3x-4x-5x Odds by default... or, use your own custom Odds bet.
  • Click on any bet's chips to open a menu to press, regress, or remove a bet. Help text is also available to explain each bet.
  • Statistics are maintained to show number of rolls, high/low balance, and distribution of numbers
  • Player can stop the dice roll by tapping on them, or waiting the full three seconds for the final randomization to be selected
  • Buy Bets! Lay Bets! Call Place Bets and Hardways On/Off!

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Jason Follas

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Copyright (c) 2013-2020 by Jason Follas. All Rights Reserved

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