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Little Savior is a real-time battle action game in which a lot of units fight each other. The player fights directly as one of the units. The fellow will automatically fight to judge the war situation, it is possible to instruct the behavior of the fellow players by changing the instruction. In the game, the "Bit" living in Bit island will runaway and fight to stop it. A Bit can be a companion by fighting and fighting together. You can configure your peers to be a member of a team that has a player-operated unit, or a separate team. Both can be organized freely by the number and type of companions, there is little limit. The ability of the player unit does not increase only by fighting the ability of the weapon. Each ability will spend money. The capacity of the Unit and the ability of the weapon consist of several parameters, and it is freely selectable which parameters to raise. Therefore, individuality comes out such as extending the merit by the player, extending the disadvantage, and strengthening an easy-to-use weapon. Other factors include: ● Multi-person simultaneous cooperative play ● Random map of battle fields (fixed map is also available) ● Support for English version (excluding some) ● Supports multiple input devices such as keyboards, mice and gamepad ● Works with many PCs and tablets for 2d games See the home page for more information. http://sorceryforce.net/LittleSavior/

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Please refer to the following page for details of version upgrade. http://sorceryforce.net/LittleSavior/UpdateHistory


  • Action
  • Battle
  • 2D
  • Cooperative play
  • Windows
  • Smartphone
  • Real-time action battles
  • Device rotation allowed
  • Both hand or Left hand only or Right hand only

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