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Poker Drills is a series of areas and games that allows you to learn poker. This is a must for any poker player, dealer or staff. Know the rules. Know the hands. Learn from other people's mistakes. Make lots of money! You can set up names up to 8 people and a player ID and group ID. This allows you to personalize your game. This information can be used to record on the screenshots of how well you did. You have the option to e-mail the screenshot out to someone. You have the option of changing the grading scale. This allows you to use traditional A-B-C-D-F grades or just a pass-fail system. Using the player statistics area, you can see the number of times you have tried, failed or passed as well as the high score for each area listed below. Then move on to the flash cards and study modes. There you can learn valuable information without any timers or scores. Each is set up slightly different to help you out as much as possible. These areas are meant for you to take your time to learn the material at your own pace. When ready, try your hand at one of the poker games such as the quiz game, points game, scrambled words game, match game or hierarchy game. Each game is different with an emphasis of learning by playing. It's one thing to study, but it's another thing to have a bit of fun while learning. If you get some of the answers wrong, don't worry. A list of wrong answers is saved in a text file for you to view later. If need be, the PDF area has links to all of the major poker rules for cash and tournament play. Learn the rules or have them handy during a poker game. These are not located in the app. They are direct links to internet sites so you must have a internet connection to view them. Eventually, when you feel confident, challenge other players in the multi-player version. Up to 8-players can compete to see who is the king (or queen) of poker knowledge. Enjoy! INCLUDED AREAS: - PDF Area: Direct internet connections to common poker rules: TDA, Robert's Rules, HPT, EPT, WSOP (including dealer information). Read the actual rules for all of the major tournaments, cash games and dealer information for the WSOP. Player Input: Assign a player name, ID, group ID amongst other things. These will be attached to screenshots to e-mail others. Player Grading Scale: Set up the grading scale for your liking with presets. Player Statistics: An area with how you have performed over all of the areas. Wrong Answers List: After each wrong answer, a text file is created with a list of wrong answers with the correct answers shown. E-Mail Picture: Take a screenshot of how you did and e-mail if off to others. Flash Cards-Nicknames: Learn the names of poker hands. You will be presented with 'AK' and you say out loud 'Big Slick'. Study Mode-HPT Dealers: List of comments for those dealing HPT events as given out by the TD. Study Mode-Poker Tales: Lots of real life poker stories. See if you can figure out what was wrong with the story. Study Mode-What are the Odds: Learn the odds of common situations by memorization and calculation. Category Grid Games-TDA: Pick an area and take a short test. Category Wheel-TDA: Spin the wheel and answer a few questions from each category to win. Quiz Game-TDA: Go though 300 TDA questions in an allotted time period. Points Game-TDA: Play a fun TDA game for points. Match Game-Nicknames: Match the text with the picture of the poker hand. Scrambled Words Game-Terminology: Reorganize the words back to the correct spelling. Hints are available. Hierarchy Game-Misc: Arrange the list from low to high for different categories like poker hands. Multi-Player Game: Up to 8 players can compete using TDA rules for points. This a series of areas to help you learn the game, nicknames, starting hands, stories and a whole lot more. This is not a poker game, but a learning tool on how to play poker. (C) 2016 SlifkerGames

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- Updated to 2019-2020-2021 TDA rules. - Minor bug fixes.


  • Poker primer for players and dealers.
  • Learn the rules for TDA, Robert's Cash, WSOP, HPT, EPT and others.
  • Test your knowledge with quiz games.
  • Study modes, flash cards, odds, nicknames and probabilities.
  • Scrambled Words Game, Hierarchy Game, Match Game and more.

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