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Have you ever tried to play the drums but found out that reading sheet music wasn't your thing? Now that's over! Great for teachers: use a projector or interactive whiteboard and engage your classroom like never before! If you are a school or a teacher looking to buy in bulk (volume purchase), please search the store for "Rhythmic Village for Schools" instead. The version you are looking at right now unlocks via an in-app purchase and so does not support volume purchase. Please note: (!) Trial is free but limited. You can purchase the complete version inside the game. (!) Use headphones if you are using the microphone option. This helps the game listen only to your percussion instrument. In Rhythmic Village you'll discover the crazy and happy music notes named “Rhythmiacs”. They literally got the beat in their blood! In this adventure you'll learn the basics of sheet music reading, play percussion instruments and improve your sense of rhythm. Use your device and start right away! Awards: “Educator's Choice” - Microsoft Partners in Learning “Golden Bee” - Beste Kinder Apps “5 Stars” - “Kids Product of the Year” - Creative Child Magazine “Creative Play of the Year” - Creative Child Magazine

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• Added a 9th totem with extra “infinite” levels. Added support for most screen aspect ratios (up to 2.5:1). • Global graphical and story update (to support the above). • Added license details and license refresh to the options menu. • Added the following languages: Danish, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Slovenian, and Simplified Chinese. • Small changes and improvements.


  • Game-based learning to introduce you to percussion instruments.
  • Play with a real instrument (drumsticks, woodblock, hand drum, bongos, etc) by activating the microphone option.
  • Rhythmic challenges made with background in music education.
  • Innovative learning system to learn rhythmic sheet reading.
  • A scoring system that adds repetition value to the game (maximize your score!).
  • Ready for classroom use.
  • Part of the World of Music series.

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