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What can be so strange about a simple wooden box? You've found one in your garage, and it has nothing out of the common. Except for the fact that there is someone in it, and they need your things for some reason. The mysterious box-dweller has a problem: they can't give a clear explanation of what exactly they need. You'll have to guess it! Listen to their hints and try to understand, what thing the voice out of the box needs, and find out who it is and what the hell does it want from you? ALL THAT YOU NEED IS CLOSE AT HAND Who said that you won't need all this junk in your garage? All the things needed are here! FIND THE RIGHT ITEM Dozens of things to choose from, you have only to figure out which item is required UNRAVEL THE SECRET OF THE MYSTERIOUS CREATURE At the very least, it wants to try your patience, but it also clearly needs something else...

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Strategy Empire LLC

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