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▬ Feed the Yeti and Restore his Magic! ▬ Eddie the time-bending Yeti loves shiny runestones. Boost the power of the magical runestones by destroying as many dull rocks as you can, then collect runes in groups of 3 or more to release their magic! The more magic you release, the more time the Yeti will grant to play! ▬ The Science ▬ Be a real-life hero! Playing this game helps actual cancer treatment research- Destroying rocks in the game is turning off ineffective properties of known medical compounds virtually. By destroying the rocks, you’re boosting the overall projected effectiveness of new compounds and giving scientists the best opportunity to find new life-saving medicine in the fight against cancer.

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Thanks to everyone playing Rocks & Runes. You're helping to make a difference to cancer research while you're playing. Changelog ● Added Events – Earn Sticker Rewards for completing event goals connected to important causes ● General bug fixes and improvements ● Menu overhaul ● Statistics tracking ● Access leaderboard from the options menu ● In-game social media sharing options for mobile ● Improved UI responsiveness ● Eddie the Yeti celebrations! Send bugs & feedback to


  • Helps cancer research while you play
  • Fast-paced match-3 style puzzle gaming
  • Play with Purpose

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BALANCED Media Technology

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2019 BALANCED Media | Technology


BALANCED Media | Technology

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