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Discover a fantastic space world and take part in the cosmic adventure! Do you think there's life beyond the planet Earth? There surely is! Moreover, one of the planets is being attacked by nasty invaders. It’s up to you to stop them prevent planet's destruction! Join the galaxy adventure and find the space treasure! Space Treasure Runner is a new running game with cool space character! Your mission is to collect as many treasure stars as you can, but remember, angry aliens are chasing you and want you as a prisoner! Show your best and win this cosmic battle! Control the spaceman and pick up the stars on your way. Climb up and down, run and avoid aliens. Help the astronaut to keep running as long as possible. Don’t forget to use the ice trap - it allows to froze enemies for a while. Your goal is to collect all stars on your way! FEATURES of Space Treasure Runner: - Cool arcade gameplay with more than 15 levels - Unreal combinations of platforms and stairs - Crazy cosmic character won’t make you indifferent - Exciting racing games for all fans of star wars - Realistic space sound effects and fantastic music - Bright and colorful artwork - New stylish and comfortable interface will make you enjoy!

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  • Space arcade platformer with more than 15 levels
  • Cute monkey astronaut who is in dire need of your help
  • Grans space chase: run away from scary aliens in the coridors of enormous space station!

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Entertainment Zone LLC

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