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Fight In Ever Changing Space Battles! Run through the universe, discover the numerous perks/consumables and their synergistic effects. Explore the randomly-generated galaxy to find merchants, unlock spacecrafts, collect StellarNetES Cartridges, checkmark your kills of the various galactic overlords. And die. A lot! Can you find the most outrageous perk combination to defeat the Last Overlord? Rogue-like Elements: With a randomly generated universe and randomized perks, no journey will ever be the same! What will happen to you, in your own unique apocalyptic cataclysmic transgalactic voyage? Synergistic Perk System: Over 100 perks and consumables! Look out for the synergistic nature of the perks that suits your playstyle! Galactic Bounties: ​​Complete over 100 missions to participate in the StellarNET Entertainment System lottery! Customize Your Start: Choose your spacecraft: there is one for every playstyle, as they have unique starting perks. You can personalize your arsenal from numerous weapons: cannons, missiles and lasers! Unlock Spacecrafts, View Your Progress: Check out what have you accomplished in our in-game encyclopedia StellarNET. Unlock new spacecrafts, kill all the bosses to progress in StellarNET's kill table. Check which perks and consumables you have used and seen, and what is your progress towards the achievements! Explore the Universe: Some levels are more special than others: Merchants, Bosses, Spacecraft Factories. Fight through lower-difficulty levels to stock up on perks, or just streamline to the end-boss if you feel powerful enough! Controller Support: Plug-and-play with any kind of controller!

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[New] 30 new formations [New] After Mirror, Mole, Lotus and Corvette now automatically get Overclocking installed [New] Launch sequence [New] Lost Formations [New] Lost Mode [New] Lost Mode bosses [New] New consumable [New] Ram stat now visible on the pause screen [New] Remastering of all game ambient tracks [New] Restricted software pool for first runs [New] Saving indicator [Improvement] Changed spawning times on endless multi-wave formations [Improvement] Dash sound can now be controlled on the SFX section [Improvement] Dimensional Axis Spectral Hover, Link no longer has a negative effect [Improvement] Game localization [Improvement] Guide load performance [Improvement] Hober Mallow fight FPS [Improvement] Increased Explosions default volume [Improvement] Increased enemies and player projectiles size [Improvement] Lost spacecrafts initial fire timing [Improvement] Menu stats readability [Improvement] Miners on Lost Formations [Improvement] Minions on infinite formations now fire [Improvement] Mitigated wave change spurious lag [Improvement] Save indicator intro is now skippable [Improvement] Set a max number of spacecrafts that can be spawn during a wave [Improvement] Some spacecrafts were rebalanced [Improvement] Space Winner links [Balacing-Boost] Overclocking now gives +8 ram [Balacing-Nerf] Added time between Missile Barrage fires [Balacing-Nerf] Hober Mallow Health [Balacing-Nerf] Shield no longer takes damage


  • Xbox Controller Support
  • Synergistic Perk System
  • Galactic Bounties
  • Rogue-like Elements

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