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Blackjack is a classic casino game and seemingly so simple. So why can’t you beat the house and walk away from the table a winner? Well perhaps now you can with the help of The Blackjack Wiz Casino Trainer featuring advanced artificial intelligence, customizable rules and card counting systems, variable speed flash card training, bet management and more. The Blackjack Wiz Casino Trainer for Windows is a real-world blackjack/21 game simulator and tutorial with on-screen artificial intelligence that gives the what, why and how along with all the rules, statistics, analysis and advice you need to take your game to the next level. This next-generation tutorial and game is 100-percent full featured and fully functional upon download. Never will you be required to make in-game purchases to unlock functionality or additional content. Everything’s included. Updates and enhancements are on the house. Forget those simple card games with incomplete or wrong rules that don't have deep, rich features and those that fail to truly teach you how to be a wizard at the tables. No longer are those expensive courses, online services, or teachers needed. You have it all right here in this comprehensive experience. The Blackjack Wiz Casino Trainer offers a blackjack tutorial that includes the basics of knowing when to hit, stand, split or double and adjust your bet. It then takes you to the next level of expertise through the use of advanced blackjack AI logic, game play statistics, card counting, expert advice and winning bet management strategies. The game’s advanced artificial intelligence lets you know exactly where you stand at any time and it’s all available to display on screen during game play: card counting with True Count, bet management, win/loss statistics and much more. Plus, unparalleled customization options lets you select house rules to match your local casino or try out some the most popular card counting systems. You can create your own card counting system and see how you fare. You even can customize and test your own betting strategies. The Automatic AI system, created by a MIT recognized gambling algorithm innovator, adds even more value. Serving as the Brain of the Game, The Blackjack Wiz's AI system provides all the stats and facts you need to win. With Do Automatic AI, you can test out your game play strategies over hundreds (or thousands) of hands. Or, you can build your card counting skills via a variable speed Flash Card mode. The Blackjack Wiz Casino Trainer app also includes over 50 different challenges to keep you engaged and eager to explore all the games' features and opportunities to improve your blackjack performance. The Blackjack Wiz Casino Trainer supports touch, game controller and TV remote (where offered). It is time to take your blackjack game to the next level and embrace the greatest blackjack game and trainer, period. It is right here and it's yours! Truly, this is the ultimate end-all blackjack game! For additional information about The Blackjack Wiz Casino Trainer and Sea Rocks Entertainment, visit us at www.sea-rocks.com Please spread the word about this game so we can continue to invest and grow similar play and learn experiences. Thank you for enjoying The Blackjack Wiz!

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  • Build Expert-Level Blackjack Skills
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence for Unparalleled Game Insight, Analysis & Advice
  • Fully Customizable: Set Your House Rules, Card Counting Method, Betting Strategy and More
  • Real Time Display of all the Facts, Stats, Analysis and Advice you Need to Win
  • No In-Game Purchases. All Updates and Enhancements are On the House
  • No Ads, No Interruptions
  • No Time Limits: Play and Learn Only
  • Everything's Included!
  • Master Card Counting
  • Perfect Bet Management
  • Create Your Own Systems
  • Test Different Strategies
  • On-Screen Advice
  • Automated AI Flash Card Training
  • More than 50 Challenges to Achieve
  • Introductory Tutorial
  • Supports Touch, Game Controller and TV Remote

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Sea-Rocks Entertainment

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Richard Seaborne Sea Rocks Entertainment


Sea Rocks Entertainment

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