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Toy Blast is best puzzle game! WELCOME TO THE FUNNIEST CARTOON PUZZLE ADVENTURE! Match the cubes of the same color and combine boosters for huge explosions to blast your way through thousands of levels! Join game with baby girl and help collect girl toys! HOW TO PLAY TOY BLAST: To play games toy you have to touch and make toy blast by two or more box of the same color to clear the level and collect the baby toys from where they stuck. But be careful! It is not that easy to save all the toys while your number of moving are limited! Your talent in solving all the kids toys will help you while playing this cool toys. Take the more toys blast from toy box and enjoy this colorful adventure! Discover baby girl’s toys world to make her happy. Playing with the toys will drag you to baby toys enjoyable toy story. This toy game like as fun toys, quite difficult but really best puzzle game. Break all the same colored toy box by using various boosters such as brick-busting blasts, rechargeable power-ups and others. Free in the ways to play so this could make you more intelligent. Features of game: ● Stunning graphics and unique gameplay The sound is also great with the pops. ● All kinds of cute toys, baby girl toys, boys toys, kids toys, dolls, water toys, christmas toys, wooden toys, dinosaur toys and have many more toys in the game very beautiful ... ● So many levels with exciting puzzles game, have 200 level in the game ● Have more cool toys to help baby girl: - Shovel to help you break a box cube - Horizontal paint brush to help you break the toy box in a row - Vertical paint brush to help you break the toy box in a column - Rainbow toys help you break all the toys - Bomb TNT help you break all box around it you can use coin to buy the cool toys and use it in the diffcult level ● Spectacular rewards and extra bonuses unlocked after levels passed ● Every day you will get a big gift is number coin to buy more items in the game ● Easy and fun toys to play but challenging to master ● COMPLETELY FREE TO PLAY TOY BOX GAME Let play toys game now ! Thank you so much!!!

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