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Feel the healing power of Adult Color by Number Book through its magical coloring pictures. Download anti-stress color by number book for adults and enjoy the magical effects of relaxing mandala coloring pages! Adult color by number books are extremely popular, and with time the popularity of detailed coloring pages will just grow.Some of the most wanted anti-stress coloring pages are mandala drawings to color. It is believed that when you create, color or look at a mandala, you are silently programming the mind to relax and take on the essence of completion. Those mystical circles, as they are loosely translated from Sanskrit, are proven to have various effects on people who use them. When you color mandalas inside relaxing color by number pages for adults, have in mind that some colors have different effects:Color by number Book for adults varies. Pick a coloring page that suits you best and give it a shot. You will be surprised to see how helpful this mandala coloring can indeed be. Explore the secret garden created in beautifully detailed illustrations and drawings and bring them to life using those colorful palettes with your imagination. You can find both complex and simple mandalas patterns by number that reflect tons of different shades of fashion and beauty! Bring your creativity and imagination to life in the secret garden of your fantasies! Features: - Color beautiful florals, animals, patterns, mandalas, gardens, famous paintings and more - Varying levels for beginners to experts. - Color and recolor as many time as you want - Designed for adults but kids and little girls can also enjoy the coloring experience. - Personal color mixer for a wide range of colors. - Make your very own palette. - Simple and easy for all age group regardless of the gender. - Brings rest to your restless mind and body. Fill in the drawings without stress. - Sandbox coloring - Number coloring - Pixel Art coloring It contains significant improvements, such as: 1. More colorful puzzles! 2. Colors will continue to fill joined areas outside your zoomed screen if appropriate. 3. There's an auto-forward feature if you choose to lock on to a certain color. 4. You have the ability to mail or post your finished painting. 5. Puzzles are up to 4 times larger. 6. Finished puzzles have more of a painted look and feel. Unlike other paint by number games that show you the picture outlines from the very start, each puzzle starts as a blank canvas. The outline isn't visible until you zoom in to an area to paint. The outcome is hidden until you earn it. Each puzzle takes between one and two hours to complete. Give the free one a try to see if you like it. In my opinion, this game flows much more smoothly than my other Paint By Number games. Our Facebook page : Our Twitter page :;




Vector Labs Games


Vector Labs Games


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