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Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster Videos & Guide is a great app that allows you to watch several videos to enable you learn to maximize the features of DU booster in your devices. Download the app and watch videos and tutorials on how to use features such as: Phone Boost & Memory Boost - The best phone speed booster Clean up memory (RAM) and optimize phone speed by removing redundant background tasks. Stop stealthy running apps, Aims to speeding up your android device. We also have phone booster shortcut, One-Tap Boost directly from your home screen makes it easy to optimize. unk File Cleaner - Small yet powerful cleaner master, space saver Free up space and improve the performance by intelligently scan the junk files. Such as residual files, cache, temp files, obsolete apks and other big files. Security & Antivirus Scan installed apps, memory card content, and new apps automatically. DU Speed Booster & Antivirus latest protection technologies against viruses, adware, malware, trojan and more. Network Boost One-tap comprehensively detects network status, including Wi-Fi security, download speed, upload speed, networking devices. Close background network-occupied applications, to ensure that the using apps is in a better network condition.




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