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Strengthen your spiritual connection with the ‘dua now’ app, available for free on the Windows Marketplace. Based on the popular Hisnul Muslim book, the dua now app offers an assortment of authenthic duas and adkhar to Windows Phone users. Designed to provide the user with a spiritual springboard, this app allows the user to enagage in one of the most effective and powerful acts of worship: dua Mimicking the fluidity and the simplicity of the Windows Phone user interface, dua now lays out the dua content in a very modern and clean way. The duas are presented in both English and Arabic, with an effective use of colour to differentiate between the two. Some of the features that this app has to offer include: •Duas are sorted into categories for easy access. •Search feature enables users to find a particular dua by the content or the relevant section. •Ability to pin favourite duas to start screen. •Duas can also be listed in the favorites for easy access. •Keeps track of recent duas. -- Whats new in 1.2 -- - Fixes for to arabic scriptures - Added Hadeeth references - Reorganized home screen for easy access to recent duas




Tariq Ayad


Tariq Ayad

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