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** Have you ever wondered what it would be like to design your own shoes and become a real shoe designer famous in the entire world? If you think you have talent for fashion design and passion for women's shoes, now you have the perfect opportunity to show off your designing skills in one of the top shoe maker games on the market! *** Create the most amazing designs that will be the inspiration for all famous shoe designers worldwide! *** ** Download Shoe Designer Fashion Games 3D completely free of charge and have tons of fun making trendy shoe designs that will gain popularity on all social networks! For true fans of fashion designing “games for girls”! * Start creating fabulous shoe designs in one of the top trending “fashion games” for girls! * Choose the type of shoes that you'd like to design and decorate: sandals, pumps or boots. * Choose the height of heels for your brand new designer shoes! * Edit parts of the shoe - the vamp, the heel, the back quarter and the sole in order to create a perfectly designed piece of footwear! * Play with decorative shoe clips in all styles and colors and place them on your fancy shoes to achieve a unique modern look! * Pick the color and the material of all parts of the shoe - upper, sole, insole, lining, and create beautiful designs that will amaze everyone in your vicinity! * Share your breathtaking shoe designs on major social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! * Make your own shoes in Shoe Designer Fashion Games for girls free! *** Enjoy the never ending fun in one of the most popular fashion shoe designer games for girls! *** ** Fashion girls, wouldn't it be great to design your own shoes? High heels, platform shoes, pumps, prom shoes – pick whatever type you want and let your imagination run wild. Download this extremely exciting “shoe maker” game for girls and show off your sense of style and fashion in creating some cool custom shoes. Feel free to choose any type you like: pumps, sandals or boots, determine the height of your heels, and edit all parts of the shoe the way you want. Learn how to become a professional high heels designer who will be famous for her majestic creations worldwide. When you take your clothes and shoe designing skills to a higher level you will be able to open your own shoe boutique full of amazing collections. *** Design and decorate shoes like a pro in this amazing game! *** ** Designing your own shoes? A dream of every woman! All girls who've enjoyed playing our dress up games for girls will now have the chance to try out designing fashionable shoes and improving their fashion stylist skills even more. If you have passion for designing clothes and shoes, you will find this makeover game so much fun. Edit each part of the shoe the way you like, combine various colors and patterns, add stylish accessories and ornaments and create footwear for any occasion: party shoes, glitter shoes, fashion high heels, summer shoes, winter boots, prom shoes, wedges... The choice is all yours. Covet fashion? If yes, get “Shoe Designer” Fashion Games 3D – a unique beauty game for every girl's taste! *** Fashion designer games for girls only for free! *** ** Designing your own clothes and shoes has never been more popular and more interesting. Dress designer games, fashion stylist games, even shoe maker games for boys – everybody loves to customize clothes and footwear on their own. Imagine you have a virtual shoe boutique where you could sell all your amazing creations. Engage your imagination in creating all sorts of trendy high heels, jordan shoes or nike shoes. Our new shoe maker games will offer you the opportunity to design all kinds of footwear for boys and girls and you will have such a great time playing them. Keep playing them and you will stop wondering how to become a real shoe designer. The app offers the following in-app products: Remove Ads: $1.99 Unlock All: $4.99




Dimitrije Petkovic PR LIT Soft


Dimitrije Petkovic PR LIT Soft

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