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May 15, 2019 | South Africa

iPulse Product process chart

iPulse is a South African company whose core competence lies in delivering highly flexible, powerful and distributed access control for companies who have multiple sites in multiple locations – providing seamless access control and workforce management for employees.


iPulse Systems has operations in Johannesburg, South Africa and Irvine, California. Solution: iPulse Systems offers Azure-based Access Control-as-a-Service (ACaaS) and Identity Management-asa-Service (IDMaaS).

These solutions offer:

• Improved security through biometric authentication

• Significantly reduced TCO (Total cost of ownership)

• Remote reporting & management of employees & access control


iPulse has developed a cloud-based solution to deal with the historical problems often associated with biometrics by building a product that can be supported remotely, is intuitive to use and competes favourably with card systems on price.


It can also be easily integrated with most existing access control systems via simple Wiegand protocols. From existing access control systems, to alarm panels, fire systems, video management systems and anything else you can think of, the iPulse Web API allows quick, simple yet powerful integrations into other building management technologies and IoT devices.


The iPulse Systems solution is:

• Flexible: There is no need to rip and replace everything as our cloud platform allows for integration with many legacy components such as fire, camera and alarm systems, and door hardware such as locks and power supplies.

• Secure: iPulse, with Microsoft Azure, bring you a secure and privacy compliant platform for managing office security in your business.  The best security principles have been applied and are being continually updated.

• Scaleable: A seamless, reliable and high performing platform allows for scaling from one to thousands of access points with the greatest of ease. You never have to worry about onsite servers again.


Customer/end target:   Any company that requires a cost effective secure biometric access control or work force management solution. The solution can be sold across all industries i.e. medical, education, government, retail, financial, manufacturing etc.


Value Proposition: iPulse Systems offers the first true ACaaS and IDMaaS in the industry, with a 100% cloud-based solution, including remote support and warranty swap out on hardware. The unique pricing models allow the product to be offered to clients on a true as-a-Service basis.