Here is a glimpse of the Head Start Launch in South Africa held on 14th November 2018. The event was organized in the Global Entrepreneurship week. The event hosted 313 participants celebrating the importance of entrepreneurship to innovation. The startups were super excited about Head Start, our local start up and ISV program in Middle East & Africa.

See the businesses who are pushing their boundaries to make it to the top of the game and ahead of the pack.

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Health Cloud

HealthCloud is a data interoperability platform that solves fragmented data for the healthcare / insurance / medical industries. Through an innovative API-driven methodology HealthCloud delivers consolidated health data and patient-centric records, from a wide range of sources, into our client- and partner systems. HealthCloud’s interoperability standards and health data exchange allows healthcare organisations, medical practices, pharmacies, laboratories, clinics, healthcare providers and, importantly, patients to appropriately access and securely share the patient’s vital medical information electronically. This ultimately improves the speed, quality, safety and cost of patient care.ase

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We protect free speech so that you can have your say using our app. We let you be you. You take responsibility for what you say, we’ll defend your right to do so.

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ComUnity revolutionises the way organisations succeed in a rapidly evolving digital world. ComUnity connects data, choreographs digital operations, builds and manages wrap-around consumer application experiences that run on every type of consumer device and digital channel. Our low code, rapid digitisation platform significantly increases the speed, quality, and cost efficiency of digitising any operating model, or building and running sophisticated digital products.

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Autopilot is an Azure-hosted online workflow solution that helps businesses to seamlessly connect systems and people, and to get work done efficiently, without risk.