Every wish counts

Every wish counts

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Artificial Intelligence in precision irrigation

Photo of a field and irrigation system

I would like assistance in developing an AI based precision irrigation product that uses machine learning to make water application in commercial farming more precise. The startup I represent is developing an add on to make irrigation more precise by sensing and interpreting favourable conditions for when water can be applied to plants in a farm. Basically, using information inputs from soil moisture, and lux conditions, to administer the correct amount of water to plants to save water, avoid over-irrigation and prevent crop harm, avoid Evapotransiration which occurs during hot sunny conditions, and save a farmer costs from the mentioned excesses. It can in future incorporate drone imaging from plant leaf stomata using spectral cameras and the imaging can be used for autonomous decision making algorithms. This is necessary as a solution in trying climatic conditions, like drought. It is suitable for agricultural markets in developing states where water scarcity affects negatively crop production and food supply. The attached image, illustrates the current prototype in concept that the startup has developed so far. It has the potential to be retrofitted onto centre pivots and drip systems. So far, the concept has received recognition locally in South Africa and has received some international exposure. It is called Nosetsa, and is at prototype stage with a physical model developed.

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