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Microsoft 365 for Partners

Recognizing and rewarding your impact toward driving usage

You play a critical role in supporting customers who deploy and adopt Microsoft 365 services. To help your business do its best work, we’ve introduced three new partner experiences to help better recognize, reward, and enable your success. These experiences are:

Watch our overview video to learn more.

The partner opportunity

Access insightsDifferentiate your businessMeasure impactGet rewarded for your success

A new customer association experience

CPOR introduces a new way for you to associate your organization to both a customer and the individual workloads (Microsoft Teams, for example) you’re assisting customers to deploy or adopt. By moving to a workload-level association, CPOR enables multiple partners to be recognized for the work and impact that’s driven with a single customer. This improves the opportunity for you to get credit for the work you do and receive incentives for the impact you’ve created. And with workload-level association, you can associate to any of the 10 individual workloads from the Microsoft 365 suite. For more guidance about how to create customer associations, refer to our tutorial video.

How to create a customer association

During the customer association process, you’ll be asked to provide information about your organization, your customer, the workloads, and products you want to claim, and documentation defining the scope of your services engagement with the customer. We recommend creating new customer associations right after you have a signed agreement with the customer to deliver services because this is when you’ll have all the necessary information available to successfully submit a claim.

Choose the solution area you’re supporting the customer withProvide the customers’ tenant informationEnter contact information for your customerSelect solution areaIdentifycustomer tenantShare customercontact detailsUpload supporting documentation, such as a statement of workProvide POEChoose the workloads that are in scope for your services projectSelect workloads

For guidance about providing quality proof of execution (POE) documentation, refer to the Proof of Execution training video.

Rewarding adoption of Microsoft 365 services

OSU-M365 enables eligible partners who help customers successfully deploy and adopt Microsoft 365 services to receive incentives when they reach certain milestones.

With OSU-M365, the incentive has moved move from being annuity-based to being milestone-based. This means that you’ll be rewarded for achieving one or more usage milestones (for example, 15 percent or 40 percent usage) with the customers and workloads you’re associated to through CPOR.

Before you can participate in this incentive program, your organization will need to enroll and meet the eligibility criteria.
Download the enrollment guide (partner login required)

Download the program guide (partner login required)

Reporting and insights

The new reporting and insights experience is designed to empower you to do your best work by providing access to rich usage information, actionable insights, and incentive information for the customers and workloads you’re associated to through Claiming Partner of Record, or CPOR. With access to this new experience, your organization will be better able to:

  • Track your performance and impact.
  • Uncover opportunities to grow your business.
  • Take action with recommendations from Microsoft.


General resources

Find out more about key aspects of CPOR and OSU-M365 with these resources.

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