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Microsoft 365 for Partners


Data has a lifecycle from the minute it’s created or enters an organization to the minute it’s deleted or removed. Try as they might, your customers just can’t control all of their data all of the time. Help your customers systematically develop an accurate understanding of their data by enabling them to locate, secure, identify, and map it. And, with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in Microsoft 365, you can help them scale these processes to achieve a higher level of visibility and manageability while greatly reducing their risk.

Compliance opportunity

Take advantage of intelligent Microsoft 365 compliance and risk-management solutions to help your customers address their compliance needs. We believe these areas are where you’ll find opportunities to use our products and solutions to begin compliance conversations with your customers.

Learn more about Microsoft Compliance solutions

Protect and govern datawhere it livesInformation Protectionand GovernanceIdentify and take actionon critical insider risksInsider RiskManagementQuickly investigate andrespond with relevant dataDiscover andRespondSimplify complianceand reduce riskComplianceManagement!

Partner opportunity

At Microsoft, we recognize that partners have their own solutions that integrate with our products to meet customers’ compliance obligations. Partners can help customers mitigate risk and manage compliance needs by combining their unique services with Microsoft solutions.

What does this look like? Partners can support in driving deployment, integration, and management solutions in Information Protection and Governance and Insider Risk Management. They can also wrap compliance advisory services around Microsoft technology solutions to advise customers on managing risk and supporting customers on their compliance journey.

Watch these videos to learn how you can make the most of the Microsoft 365 Compliance opportunity:

Building a Compliance PracticeAdvisory, Law,& LegalDiscover & RespondCompliance Advisory ServicesComplianceManagementTechnologyInformation Protection& GovernanceInsider RiskManagementManagedServicesBuild ComplianceMaintain Compliance

Compliance Workshop: Data Risk Management


The partner-led Data Risk Management experience of the Compliance Workshop is an excellent way to surface hidden compliance risks at your customers’ businesses as an entry point to conversations about the value of Microsoft compliance solutions.

Through the workshop, you can provide insights and actionable next steps to help your customers understand how they can leverage Microsoft 365 compliance solutions – together with your services – to mitigate and protect against identified risks.

Activate the workshop for your customers

  1. Download the Microsoft compliance overview presentation
  2. Download the workshop kit
  3. Nominate customers

Go to market with investments across the customer journey

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