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Digital transformation is profoundly affecting the world, generating a huge influx of data and regulations that have a direct impact on customers every day. Managing this data overload can be complicated, and many customers struggle to comply with regulations.

With intelligent risk-management and compliance solutions from Microsoft, you can develop a profitable business by helping customers more efficiently and effectively manage their data and ensure regulatory compliance.

Complexity, costs, and risks are rising

90%of enterprisesfeel vulnerable toinsider risk.3200 regulatory updates arereleasedper dayfrom 750regulatory bodies.11,175 zettabytes ofdata will be generatedeach yearby 2025.2


2IDC, The Digitization of the World: From Edge to Core, a whitepaper sponsored by Seagate, November 2018.
3Crowd Research Partners, Insider Threat Report, 2018.

Partner opportunity


Leverage any of four areas of opportunity where you can help your customers make the most of the intelligent compliance and risk-management solutions in Microsoft 365.
Learn more about Microsoft compliance solutions

Information protection and governance

Know where your data lives and manage it more effectively.

  • Enable secure and compliant collaboration.
  • Configure policies to protect and govern data.
  • Help customers locate sensitive data.
  • Assist with assessments, processes, and policies.
Insider risk management

Identify and take action on critical insider risks.

  • Locate your customers’ sensitive data more easily.
  • Identify risks to customer data earlier.
  • Monitor and address data access governance.
Compliance management

Simplify compliance and reduce risk.

  • Assess, improve, and monitor your customers’ compliance postures.
  • Map global regulations and provide guidance to customers about how to manage their data.
Discover and respond

Investigate and respond with relevant data.

  • Manage e-discovery communications.
  • Examine user activities.
  • Investigate data leakage.
  • Take actions to remediate issues.

Compliance Workshop

Partner-led Compliance Workshops are an excellent way to surface hidden compliance risks at your customers’ businesses as an entry point to conversations about the value of Microsoft compliance solutions.

A comprehensive guide with technical and marketing materials allows you to leverage Microsoft 365 tools and services to discover data stored in the Microsoft Cloud and analyze it for potential issues. Help customers understand how Microsoft 365 compliance services and products can mitigate and protect against identified risks, with actionable next steps to accelerate your customers’ compliance journey.

Your two-step action plan
Step 1: Get smart about Microsoft compliance

Start with the basics and build from there.

Step 2: Nominate your customers for Compliance Workshop funding

Provide tailored insights to help your customers better manage, control, and protect data.