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Microsoft 365 for Partners

Microsoft Endpoint Manager POC

The Microsoft Endpoint Manager Proof of Concept (POC) is a five-day engagement that demonstrates how Microsoft Endpoint Manager solutions combine configuration, provisioning, protection, and compliance holistically across Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, ruggedized, and firstline worker devices.


Download POC delivery materials
Delivery materials include:

  • Statement of work templates for Windows 10 and iOS, Android, and macOS management scenarios.
  • Prescriptive, scenario-based workshop content.
  • Technical workshop content with details specific to each management scenario.
Holistic endpoint management

For many IT departments today, the first step toward digital transformation is to determine the right tools and technology to achieve their organizations’ business goals. Endpoint management plays a key role in that it’s often the means to enforce end-to-end security and compliance for the entire organization. Whether it’s the types of devices supported, the types of users who’ll have access, or what data will be accessible and how, every aspect of every endpoint must meet minimum security requirements. Microsoft Endpoint Manager tools bring together Microsoft security technologies to help address these requirements.

A scenario-based engagement

Microsoft Endpoint Manager POC is a scenario-based engagement that addresses Windows 10 management, and iOS, Android, and macOS management.

Windows 10 management

Customers learn how to manage Windows 10 (Intune, Configuration Manager, Windows Autopilot, Desktop Analytics). Topic areas include:

  • Microsoft's current thinking about how Windows 10 can best be managed in the enterprise.
  • The challenges of moving to cloud-based management.
  • How to modernize Configuration Manager, cloud-attach, co-management.
  • Modern provisioning with Windows Autopilot.
iOS, Android and macOS management

Customers learn how to manage iOS, Android, and macOS devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Microsoft Intune) whether personal, corporate owned, ruggedized, or firstline worker devices.

Customer targeting scenarios

The Endpoint Manager POC is designed to address:

  • Enterprise Agreement (EA) renewal or net-new EA opportunity in FY20
  • Fewer than 15 DDPS days available

Partner funding eligibility

If you meet the following requirements, you may be eligible for up to US$10,000 in funding per engagement.

  • ECIF-approved
  • Recommended competencies: Windows & Devices, Cloud Productivity, Enterprise Mobility

Note: Start and end dates for all engagements must be within the current Microsoft fiscal year. End dates within 90 days of the end of the fiscal year are preferred.

Engagement overview

Discuss POC overall engagement approach, what’s in scope, overall endpoint management deployment goals, objectives, and challengesReview what the Intune team has been releasing and the product roadmapBriefly discuss design and implementationDetermine use-case scenarios that support deployment goals and objectivesDiscuss Windows 10 management strategy, including Configuration Manager Cloud-Attach POC and Windows Autopilot POCImplement Intune and its dependenciesDiscuss the approach to test and validate use cases and the design discussed in the early stages of the POC engagementDay 3Day 2Day 1PreparationUse-case scenariosExternal dependenciesDays 4-5Implementation and validationDiscuss services and products that are separated from Intune but are either a requirement of Intune or might integrate with Intune

Potential benefits to customers

  • Prioritization of their specific endpoint management use-case scenarios.
  • Reviewing external dependencies for implementing the Microsoft Endpoint Manager solution.
  • Receiving prescriptive guidance about how to design and implement Intune, Configuration Manager with cloud attach, and Windows Autopilot based on their business goals and objectives.