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Microsoft 365 for Partners

Firstline Workforce

Firstline Workers form the backbone of many of the world’s largest industries. This workforce represents considerable untapped market opportunities for Microsoft partner solutions that maximize Firstline Worker efficiencies, streamline communications, and deepen connections.

The untapped digital transformation opportunities for Firstline Workers

Industries such as retail, manufacturing, and healthcare can have up to ten times the number of Firstline Workers as they do knowledge workers. The Firstline Worker opportunity is also expanding because the line between knowledge workers and Firstline Workers is becoming blurred. These essential workers have become prominent with recent market developments, and organizations are motivated to increase productivity and efficiency. Combined, these trends mean that there’s an incredible growth opportunity in providing services and solutions in the Firstline Worker space.

US$4,461net benefits per Firstline Workerhours saved per yearpayback1016 monthLess than
Data points from a commissioned Total Economic Impact study conducted by Forrester Consulting, The Microsoft 365 Partner Opportunity, July 2020
Deployment services
  • Deploy Microsoft 365, including identity, single sign-on, and Azure Active Directory
Solution development
  • Develop mobile solutions that automate tasks and manage shifts
  • Integrate line-of-business applications
  • Create customized hubs for Firstline Workers
Managed services
  • Provide IT and device management support
  • Provide ongoing adoption and change management services

Customer scenarios

Rethink productivityStrengthen cultureProtect your businessDigitize business processesTrain and upskill employeesEquip Firstline Workers with powerful and intuitive toolsConnect workers to business goals, values, and each otherTransform processes with custom apps and digital workflowsHelp employees learn and apply new skills fasterSafeguard company assets with intelligent security and compliance that won’t slow down firstline productivity

Introducing the Firstline Worker module

As part of the Teams Apps and Solutions Workshop, the Firstline Worker module enables you to help customers identify the most impactful Firstline Worker business scenarios, showcase the tools and technologies that reimagine Firstline Worker productivity, and prioritize and plan for next steps and implementation.

  • Build a deeper customer engagement with business stakeholders
  • Help drive Firstline Workforce engagement to enable increased productivity
  • Drive the use of modern collaboration tools

Take advantage of a proven customer engagement methodology to effectively land Firstline Worker scenarios, followed by delivery and implementation services for higher margin attach.

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