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Firstline Workforce

Firstline Workers, more than two billion strong, form the backbone of many of the world’s largest industries. This presents huge, untapped market opportunities for Microsoft partner solutions which maximize Firstline Worker impact in the digital age.

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Our firstline vision: maximize the impact of the Firstline Workforce

Foster culture and community
Train and upskill employees
Digitize business process
Deliver real-time expertise
Manage risk and cost

Foster culture and community

  • Broadcast interactive town hall meetings

  • Coordinate distributed teams with a hub for teamwork

  • Share and find best practices across the company

  • Build inclusive communities of interest

Train and upskill employees

  • Distribute onboarding materials and training to any device

  • Share dynamic, role-based content and video

  • Enable employees to find and build on the work of others

  • Retain and manage institutional knowledge in one place

Digitize business process

  • Create, update and manage schedules and tasks

  • Automate everyday activities and workflows

  • Optimize resource allocation using IoT-based signals

  • Includes Microsoft StaffHub, the go-to tool for Firstline Workers

Deliver real-time expertise

  • Crowdsource new ideas and solutions

  • Work in context across physical and virtual space with mixed reality**

  • Connect across remote sites on any supported device

  • Tap available talent when and where it’s needed

Minimize risk and cost

  • Streamline management across devices, including kiosks and signage

  • Secure firstline access to corporate apps with identity-driven protection

  • Meet evolving workplace regulatory requirements

  • Accelerate GDPR compliance

Microsoft 365 F1

Microsoft 365 F1 helps our customers further their digital transformation and ambitions. It is a complete, intelligent solution which combines Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise, and Enterprise Mobility + Security to extend the Microsoft 365 service value across a customer’s entire organization. Microsoft 365 F1 empowers Firstline Workers to be creative and work together, securely.

Partner opportunity

To leverage the full potential of their Firstline Workforce, organizations must be proactive in investing in and developing their Firstline Workers, approaching it with the same rigor and discipline with which they tackle operational transformation. This may include changing the firstline roles, processes, technologies, and tools used today that run counter to the digital transformation customers are trying to achieve.

By extending the work you do today around collaboration, security and compliance, and Modern Desktop, you can deliver Microsoft-365 related services and solutions which empower Firstline Workers and dramatically expand your addressable market.

There is a broad range of opportunities for partners to grow their business with Firstline Worker related services and solutions by selling Microsoft 365 F1 and Modern Desktop.


Project Services

  • Provide Firstline Workers with a secure and easy-to-maintain digital identity

  • Enable schedule and basic task management

  • Enable self-service deployment of Modern Desktop


Project Services

  • Enable effective communication and community interactions

  • Enable training and onboarding by creating training portals and content

Managed Services

  • Provide systems management and end-user support

  • Manage Firstline Worker kiosks, devices, identities, and apps including signage

  • Ongoing development of new training content

  • Ongoing adoption engagements


Project Services

  • Optimize processes by automating tasks with custom workflows

  • Integrate Microsoft StaffHub with workforce management applications

  • Optimize resource allocation by surfacing insights from IoT-based signals

Managed Services

  • Monitor and respond to security threats

  • Monitor and optimize device health

Repeatable / Package Solutions

  • Solutions to reduce training and support costs for higher user volumes

  • Mixed reality service management solutions

Get started today: leverage the Firstline Worker opportunity to grow your business

  1. Learn more about the Firstline Worker category and opportunity - View the webcast and download the Firstline Worker partner presentation
  2. Develop a Firstline Worker offer – View the webcast and leverage the Firstline Worker Offer Development Guide
  3. Upsell your Firstline Worker offer to your existing customers – Use the customer ready resources available below and lead with the Firstline Worker Business Value Assessment


Launch your offer

  • Firstline Worker Business Value Assessment. This resource is a sample business value assessment that you can use as a starting point for developing your own. We recommend leading with a business value assessment to help customers unlock the potential of their Firstline Workforce while reducing costs and security risks.

Partner Success Stories

Content and Code

Content and Code helps clients realize measurable benefits from their Microsoft investments, guiding companies in their efforts to put productivity and collaboration at the heart of what they do. They look at every company that employs Firstline Workers as a chance to improve processes and operations and many of their clients have realized dramatic improvements in their onboarding and staff training procedures with the help of Microsoft 365 F1. When workers feel a sense of belonging and have ready access to the information they need, they deliver better customer service, staff turnover goes down, and company profits go up.

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COMPAREX is one of the world’s leading IT service providers and Europe’s largest software licensing management company. Firstline Workers represent a significant opportunity to expand and they are leveraging this opportunity to deliver large scale solutions for Firstline Workers across industries. Their complete Firstline Worker solution begins with a business value assessment and includes: cloud consultation and procurement services, migration and implementation services, training services, and ongoing managed services of a customer’s operational environment.

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ProServeIT Corporation

ProServeIT Corporation is a multi award winning Microsoft Gold Partner focused on cloud transformation, managed services, software development, IT service desk, and technology consulting services. They have prioritized the Firstline Worker market to help drive growth of their technology consulting business. For several years, ProServeIT has used Office 365 — and now Microsoft 365 —to help their customers realize their full digital potential by extending services across the organization from the boardroom to the firstline workforce.

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* Source: Gartner, Firstline Worker global TAM, Office 365 Industry Addressability Study, 2017

** Requires special hardware that is sold separately