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Microsoft 365 for Partners

Microsoft 365 networking partners

Looking for a quicker, easier way to set up your enterprise network for greater connectivity to Microsoft 365? Consider a networking solution that’s already been optimized to improve your Microsoft 365 experience.

Leverage best-in-class Microsoft 365 networking solutions

Quickly and easily set up and manage your network for Microsoft 365

Route smartly, reduce latency, and boost user experience

Partner solutions

These partner solutions have been validated to work with Microsoft 365. Review solution details to learn how the solutions align with Microsoft 365 network connectivity principles.


Citrix makes the transition to Microsoft 365 easy by optimizing network connectivity through a combination of automation and simplified configuration. Citrix SD-WAN follows Microsoft's recommendations for minimizing latency and improving user performance for Microsoft 365 applications with direct and reliable connections for all office locations simultaneously.

Citrix SD-WAN is independently-tested and proven to optimize trusted Microsoft 365 traffic in accordance with Microsoft 365 network connectivity principles.

In addition, Citrix SD-WAN leverages APIs containing published Microsoft 365 endpoint URLs and IP addresses to learn the closest front door locations to the users. This, in conjunction with the built-in stateful firewall, provides the ability to do local breakout of trusted, latency-sensitive Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams traffic over local ISPs for all your office locations.

Learn more about Citrix SD-WAN


Powered by the API integration between Microsoft and NetFoundry, NetFoundry Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) delivers Microsoft 365 applications according to Microsoft best practices to provide a faster, more secure Microsoft 365 experience and increased user productivity. As a Microsoft-certified Microsoft 365 solution provider, NetFoundry enables optimal delivery of Microsoft 365 applications, directly from user devices or branch offices to the nearest Microsoft Global Edge Network.

The NetFoundry NaaS model is so simple and powerful that it enables customers to spin up global networks in minutes. The network can deliver individual applications, such as Microsoft 365, without requiring any WAN changes, providing zero trust security and optimized performance over virtually any Internet connection. NetFoundry’s unique, software-only solution does not require customers to use a specific WAN type, SD-WAN vendor or telco provider, seamlessly working with any WAN to instantly enable faster, secure, direct Microsoft 365 connectivity. Along with Microsoft 365 optimization, Azure and Azure Stack sites can be instantly added to the same network, using NetFoundry software from Azure marketplaces to enable hybrid and multi-cloud connectivity, and offering customers single-pane-of-glass control and visibility to all apps and sites on the network.

Learn more about the NetFoundry solution

NTT Communications

In accordance with Microsoft 365 network connectivity principles, NTT Communications network solutions are designed to optimize connectivity to Microsoft 365 and can help organizations increase user productivity.

In particular, NTT Communications network solutions help minimize traffic latency to help maximize the user experience by separating communications to Microsoft 365 that ensured its security with advanced security features from ordinary internet traffic, and by optimizing traffic paths and security feature deployment.

Learn more about the NTT Communications solution

Silver Peak

Silver Peak delivers the transformational promise of the cloud with a business-first networking model. The Unity EdgeConnect self-driving WAN platform liberates enterprises from conventional WAN approaches to transform the network from a constraint to a business accelerant. Thousands of globally distributed enterprises have deployed Silver Peak WAN solutions across 100 countries.

Because it’s fully integrated with the Microsoft 365 IP Address and URL Web service, EdgeConnect can provide out-of-the box, validated support for Microsoft 365 connectivity principles. Adherence to these principles means that EdgeConnect enables specific Microsoft 365 traffic to egress locally and directly over the internet with matching local DNS name resolution. Also, Silver Peak’s integration with the Microsoft 365 IP Address and URL Web service ensures that Unity Orchestrator receives continuous updates regarding Microsoft 365 service endpoints and application classification rules and remains aligned in real-time with Microsoft 365 connectivity principles.

Learn more about Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect

VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud

VMware SD-WAN combines the flexibility and economics of a self-healing overlay to optimize connectivity to your business-critical Microsoft 365 applications. The VMware SD-WAN Edge automatically joins the SD-WAN fabric after it’s powered on and connected to the Internet.  

These edge devices differentiate and apply customizable business policy to the Microsoft 365 traffic in accordance with Microsoft 365 network connectivity principles. This makes connectivity much easier compared to complex configurations required with traditional and fixed WAN technologies. VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator automatically pulls the application information, across all Microsoft 365 workloads, and seamlessly updates the application recognition engine on the edges. By default, VMware SD-WAN routes Microsoft 365 traffic to the closest VMware SD-WAN Network of Cloud Gateways. It then hands off to the best peering Microsoft 365 locations in an optimized way, delivering an enhanced user experience without compromising the security of the payload.

Unique to the VMware SD-WAN hosted cloud infrastructure is the strategically deployed and highly available VMware Network of Cloud Gateways. The gateways provide the added benefit of real-time monitoring and dynamic steering of traffic on the underlying single or multiple public WAN links to offer consistent application performance and the best possible user experience.   

The solution addresses compelling use cases that support the immediate needs of today’s enterprises, along with the ongoing evolution from legacy computing infrastructures to a cloud-first strategy. 

Learn more about the VMware SD-WAN solution


Built 100 percent in the cloud, Zscaler delivers the entire security stack as a global, multi-tenant service. By securely connecting users to applications, regardless of device, location, or network, Zscaler is transforming enterprise security.

Zscaler delivers a fast and seamless connection to Microsoft 365 without the cost and complexity of appliances, while maintaining the highest level of security for non-Microsoft traffic leaving the branch. As a cloud-based service, Zscaler offers an approach that’s unmatched in operational ease, scale, and ROI. 

Learn more about the Zscaler solution

128 Technology

128 Technology believes that networks exist to connect users to services and applications, and network design should start with those services at the core. The 128T Routing and SD-WAN all-in-one platform takes distributed, software-defined networking and routing to an entirely new level by speaking the language of applications. The 128 Technology solution simplifies the traditional method of routing by IP and instead applies a mindset of “routing with words” that it calls Session Smart technology. Session Smart increases network simplicity and agility by eliminating VPN tunnels, reducing bandwidth up to 30 percent and providing session-awareness between endpoints.

128 Session Smart Technology adheres to the key Microsoft 365 networking constructs and follows the requirements under the Microsoft 365 network connectivity principles to ensure that it efficiently and intelligently:

  • Identifies Microsoft 365 network traffic using Microsoft recommended endpoint API.
  • Allows local branch egress of Microsoft 365 network traffic to the internet from each location where users connect to Microsoft 365.
  • Allows Microsoft 365 traffic to bypass proxies and packet inspection devices.
  • Prioritizes Microsoft 365 traffic to avoid congestion.

When users from the SD-Branch need fast and scalable network access to Microsoft 365 applications, 128 Technology can facilitate secure local and direct Internet egress to those applications, unlocking optimal performance and enabling economic savings of native Internet connectivity with scalability to thousands of customer locations. This seamless experience is all done while providing reduced IT costs for hardware overhead and continuous SD-WAN high-speed session failovers to additional internet circuits in case of failures.

Learn more about the 128 Technology solution