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Microsoft Managed Desktop

Microsoft Managed Desktop enables cloud-based management of devices, ensuring they're secure and up to date, improving user productivity, and freeing IT departments—and your practice—to focus on higher-value work.

At the core of the offering is Microsoft 365 Enterprise, running on modern devices and backed by endpoint management from Microsoft and managed services from partners.

Best experience

Microsoft Managed Desktop offers the fastest and most efficient way to modernize an organization.

  • Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus provide modern desktop capabilities.
  • Windows Autopilot simplifies new device configuration and reduces the time it takes for your users to get up and running.
  • Modern devices that meet Microsoft-approved specifications deliver the experience.

Latest technology​

Modern hardware meets Microsoft Managed Desktop and runtime quality specifications—all managed through the cloud.

  • Always up to date
  • Semiannual feature updates
  • Three-year device lifecycle

Backed by Microsoft​

Customers get the best computing experience using the latest technology, on a modern device managed by Microsoft or a qualified Microsoft Managed Desktop partner.

  • Device configuration
  • Security monitoring and remediation
  • App deployment
  • Update management
  • Desktop analytics
  • 24x7 end-user support

Why Microsoft Managed Desktop?

Develop and build end-to-end modern desktop solutions​

More effectively show customers the value of a modern desktop​

Leverage the reference architecture to capture new opportunities​

Share best practices with the partner ecosystem ​

The best way to delight users and free up IT​

Microsoft Managed Desktop relies on the power of Microsoft 365, running in a consistent reference architecture that continues to evolve to enable customers to take advantage of the latest Microsoft 365 capabilities, while protecting them from nascent threats.

At the heart of Microsoft Managed Desktop is analytics. These analytics are used to provide operational and security insights so that device health, feature and application compatibility, and more can be monitored constantly to continuously improve the customer experience. This data also enables us to manage the global Microsoft Managed Desktop device population. For example, insights and AI are used to determine which devices are ready for feature updates—or conversely, whether a specific app is blocking a device’s ability to update—so action can be taken.

Partner opportunities

You can make the most of the opportunities around modern desktop and Microsoft Managed Desktop in three key areas.

Set the foundation
Offer services to help your customers deploy Microsoft 365 and get ready for Microsoft Managed Desktop adoption.

Build your own
Leverage innovation within Microsoft 365 to build your own repeatable managed desktop offerings that deliver recurring revenue through ongoing device updates and support.

Enhance Microsoft Managed Desktop
Provide devices, apps, and other add-on services that support Microsoft Managed Desktop.

What’s included

Modern OEM and Surface devices
  • Windows Autopilot enabled
  • Procurement
  • Device refresh
  • Warranty service
Managed by Microsoft
  • Device configuration
  • Security monitoring
  • App deployment
  • Update management
  • Desktop analytics
  • User IT support (optional)

Customer prerequisites​


Built around the following Microsoft 365 licensing (or equivalencies):

  • Microsoft 365 E5
  • Microsoft 365 E3 + Security E5
Device management

Microsoft Intune (non-hybrid) required


Azure Active Directory or synchronized accounts through Azure AD Connect​