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Build your business

Explore how you can build your business with Microsoft 365. Deliver customer value whether you want to develop cross-industry solutions in a particular practice area, or you’re interested in focusing your offerings on a specific industry.


Teamwork is a necessity in the modern workplace. Learn how you can leverage the robust capabilities of Microsoft Teams to open the door to new opportunities for your practice by helping your customers connect, share, and communicate more efficiently and effectively.

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Cloud Voice

With Microsoft 365, you can grow your business by delivering smarter calling and meeting experiences that combine communications, collaboration, and intelligence to help your customers achieve more.

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Modern Desktop

Extend the value of Microsoft 365 with modern devices that deliver an optimal experience. And discover how building a Modern Desktop practice represents a great opportunity for you to shift from traditional professional services to the higher margins of managed services.

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Security & Compliance

Part of your customers’ digital transformation journey is about effectively managing security, privacy, and regulatory compliance. With Microsoft 365, you can address their concerns related to areas like authentication and threat protection, and regulatory mandates like GDPR.

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Healthcare. Government. Retail. Manufacturing. Organizations in every industry are looking for ways to improve performance and reduce costs. Learn how you can uncover new opportunities by building an industry-specific Microsoft 365 practice.

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Firstline Workforce

Firstline workers are the people behind the counter, on the phone—in clinics, hospitals, and on the shop floor. You can build a thriving practice by developing and delivering Microsoft 365-related solutions and services that empower firstline workers and move your customers’ businesses forward.

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