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Microsoft 365 sales training

Microsoft 365 is a complete, intelligent solution that enables commercial customers to empower people across their organizations to be creative and work together, securely. With Microsoft 365, you can help your customers reimagine how people, data, and processes can be brought together in the cloud to enable digital transformation.

Unlock the full value of Microsoft 365 by leveraging any of three sales opportunities—Why Microsoft 365?, Teamwork, and Security—to walk your customers step-by-step through the sales journey.

Microsoft 365 sales opportunities

Use these resources to align your Microsoft 365 sales efforts to your customers’ business needs.

Get started with Microsoft 365
  1. Why Cloud partner play card

Better understand your customers’ key concerns about moving to the cloud, and learn how to overcome objections and land the value of Microsoft 365.

  1. __Business Value Program (BVP) __

Find resources and tools to help you successfully guide your customers through their journeys to the cloud with Microsoft 365.

Key scenarios include:

  • Flexible workstyle
  • Intelligent, secure file access and storage
Get started with Teamwork
  1. Teamwork partner play card

Learn how to have productive conversations with your customers about their most pressing business needs—and how Microsoft Teamwork solutions can help address them.

  1. __Business Value Program (BVP) __

Find resources and tools to help you successfully drive the value of Teamwork solutions with Microsoft Teams.

Key scenarios include:

  • Seamless collaboration
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Flexible workstyle
  • Online meetings
  1. Teamwork Assessment

Leverage this three-day workshop to create customer intent to purchase and/or deploy Microsoft 365 Teamwork solutions. Engage with business and IT leaders to assess their teamwork needs and envision their desired future state.

Get started with Security
  1. Security partner play card

The information provided in this play card can help you win customer trust by helping you to better understand and articulate their primary business concerns around security.

  1. __Business Value Program (BVP) __

BVP resources and tools can help you effectively convey the value of advanced Microsoft 365 security in E5 and E3—with security integrated right from basic to premium cloud solutions.

Key scenarios include:

  • Threat protection
  • Information protection
  • Identity and access management
  1. __Security Assessment __

With this assessment, you’ll use the Microsoft Secure Score tool to evaluate customers’ current security postures and prioritize steps they can take to help close any identified gaps.

Land the opportunity with the customer journey

Making the customer journey the heart of your sales approach elevates your role as a trusted advisor by helping your customers understand the business value of Microsoft 365—and providing personalized insights and prescriptive recommendations that map to their needs.