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One area that affects every single customer is the need to ensure that their information is secure from increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats. Managing security is a struggle for many organizations as the number and severity of threats continues.

As a trusted advisor, you can help your customers protect their environments from an ever-evolving threat landscape with Microsoft 365.

Raising the bar with end-to-end security features

Microsoft 365 is a complete, intelligent solution that offers customers new ways to proactively protect and monitor the security of their intellectual property and customer data.

Partners can take advantage of a wide range of advanced features that uniquely position you to give customers the visibility they need to take action—and enable you to provide ongoing security management services over the long term.

Greater partner opportunity

Helping companies with security is one of the most significant opportunities for partners because it affects almost every customer. New data for 2019 shows an increase of US$12.40 year-over-year- revenue opportunity, per user, per month, in enterprise security sales over 2018.* The biggest contributors to this increase are business solutions, with US$5.44 of that revenue opportunity and 20 percent year-over-year growth, and managed services with US$4.70 of the total revenue opportunity.

Take advantage of these possibilities in the security space. Building a security practice around Microsoft 365 can help you increase revenue, improve margins, more effectively retain customers, and better differentiate your offering in the market.

*The Partner Business Opportunity for Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Solutions, a Microsoft-commissioned Total Economic Impact study conducted by Forrester Consulting, July 2019.
FastTrack portal self-service access for planning and trainingOngoing access to FastTrack engineers or approved FastTrack partners*Data migrationPartner opportunity* 50+ Office 365 seats: have access to FastTrack services for questions and answers about Office 365. FastTrack services for education and nonprofit plans require 1,000+ paid seats. See additional details at seats150+ seatsAll customersOne-time engagementMonthly licenseFastTrack portal self-service access for planning and trainingOngoing access to FastTrack engineers or approved FastTrack partners*Data migration500+ seats150+ seatsAll customers1. 2. 3...Get more doneChoose how you work94% of small businessesreport security benefitssince moving to thecloud.7SMBs can significantly reduce IT admin and maintenance costs by moving to the cloud.Help protect businessKeep costs in lineFunctionalityFlexibilitySecuritySavingsUS$12.40Assessment phasesSMB Security realityRecurring partner services• Device management• Security, compliance and support• Identity management• Threat protection• Compliance management• App modernization• User change management and adoptionOne-timeengagementMonthly licenseOne-time engagement (20-35% margin)Potential services revenue (35-65% margin)License revenueOne-timeengagementMonthly license5Exchange Online Office 365 Business Premium Microsoft 365 BusinessRecurring partner services• Backup• Custom proactive support• User education• User change management and adoptionIncrease profitability and customer lifetime valueRecurring partner services• Break-fix managed servicesOffer cloud-reluctant SMBs a low-stakes cloud win that saves time, with a business-class email solution built on Microsoft Exchange Online.Help SMB teams work better together from anywhere through a teamwork solution built on Office 365 Business Premium.Provide SMBs advanced security capabilities and simplified data control through a security solution built on Microsoft 365 Business.Build your cloud practice for cloud-reluctant SMBs.Expand your profitability with customers already in the cloud.Maximize your profitability with established cloud customers.Offer solutions to meet your customers’ evolving needsWhy CloudTeamworkSecurityRealityfor SMBsHow you can helpHow it helps youSMB owners spend 33 hours every month on admin tasks.280% of employee time is spent collaborating.371% of SMBs feel vulnerable to cyber attack.78%91%Business leaders who see empowering FirstlineWorkers as critical to their long-term strategies.1Business leaders who indicate an increase in Firstline Workerperformance and productivity when workers are digitally empowered.2Companies with great employee experiences outperform theStandard & Poor’s (S&P) 500 by more than 122 percent.3+122%The cloud enables advanced capabilities for collaboration, productivity, and insight.The cloud makes it easier for SMBs to use the devices of their choice from anywhere.SMBs stand to gain a lot from the cloud2x50%more2xSMBs mistakenly think they’retoo small71% of SMBs feel vulnerableto cyber attack.1160% of targeted SMBs go outof business.12Those that don’t go out ofbusiness spend US$900,000on remediation.13Not aware of the threatMultiple needs and obligationspull attention away from securityUnless it’s an immediate issue,SMBs may not be proactive.Many SMBs just don’t know where to start with security.Concern is not urgentSMBs typically spend about 15%of their budgets on security orUS$1,320 per user annually.14Buying security solutions fromthree or more vendors doesn’tfit in their budgets.Limited budgetTwo-thirds of SMBs already use cloud54%expect to increase cloud investments666%are considering it6One-third of SMBs do not use cloud yetSMBs stand to gain a lot from the cloudSMBs stand to gain a lot from the cloudSMBs stand to gain a lot from the cloudUS$5.44 Business solutionsUS$4.70 Managed servicesUS$2.26 Other revenue opportunities

Go to market with investments across the customer journey

M365 SecurityGTM Journey 07112019

Partner-Customer Success Story



When Netherlands’ leading facilities services provider Vebego decided to make the move from a Citrix/Windows 7 solution to Microsoft 365 E5, the company’s management tapped Microsoft partner InSpark to help them through the transition. InSpark offered its Cloud Security Center managed security solution—and in just three months from the initial agreement, all Microsoft 365 E5 security functionality was deployed. Together with Microsoft, InSpark showed Vebego that the Microsoft 365 E5 security suite was the best approach to not only protecting users but also helping detect and respond to threats 24×7.

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