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Microsoft 365 for Partners

Security and Identity

All of our customers need to ensure that their identities, data, and information is secure from increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats. Managing security is a struggle for many organizations as the number and severity of threats continues.

As a trusted advisor, you can help your customers protect their environments from an ever-evolving threat landscape with Microsoft Security and Identity solutions.

Greater partner opportunity

Helping companies with security is one of the most significant opportunities for partners because it affects almost every customer. New data for 2020 shows an 8 percent increase in year-over-year revenue opportunity in enterprise security, compliance, and identity – to US$13.33 per user, per month.* The biggest contributors to this opportunity are business solutions and managed services, which account for 82 percent of the total.

We believe partners who invest in developing business solutions and managed services solutions will be best positioned to take full advantage of the enterprise security, compliance, and identity opportunity, and to grow at the highest annual rate. A managed service can be as simple as a quarterly security review using Secure Score or as complex as an outsourced security operations center (SOC)-as-a-service solutions offering.

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*A Microsoft-commissioned Total Economic Impact study conducted by Forrester Consulting, The Microsoft 365 Partner Opportunity, July 2020.
US$13.3382% of total opportunity in business solutions and managed services8% overall YoY revenue growthTotal per user, per month revenue opportunityUS$5.88Business solutionsUS$5.09ManagedservicesUS$1.30Advisory & adoptionUS$2.26Deployment

Go to market with investments across the customer journey

The following section provides a list of the most relevant resources, investments, and assets that we’ve created for partners, to use at each point in a customer journey to enable purchase or deployment of Microsoft Security and Identity products.

M365 SecurityGTM Journey-1 07082020


This stage of the customer journey focuses on developing awareness of the value of Microsoft products and tools. Leverage these digital assets, which illustrate key security and identity scenarios, to drive customer conversations and raise awareness of Microsoft Security and Identity products with your customers.

Create intent

This is a very important stage of the customer journey – and in many ways will determine whether a customer will move forward. Leverage partner-led workshops to drive sales and deployment intent conversations with business decision makers (BDMs) in customer organizations. These workshops represent a proven methodology of driving successful intent conversations by using customers’ real data for assessing their environments and then using Microsoft products to develop improvement plans.

There are two workshops you should consider for this motion: Identity Workshop and Security Workshop.

Identity Workshop

Designed as a three-day engagement, the Identity Workshop enables you to assess the maturity of a customer’s identity estate. By making use of Secure Score and application discovery tools, this workshop gives customers visibility into their present state and will help define clear next steps and the best ways to mitigate risks.

Security Workshop

Designed as a three-day engagement, the Security Workshop enables you to build intent for sales and deployment of Microsoft Security workloads. The workshop uses a specialized Threat Check SKU and technique for identifying real-time threats in a customer’s environment and helps define clear next steps and the best ways to mitigate risks.

Additionally, you can include an add-on module for Azure Sentinel to demonstrate the benefits of Azure Sentinel as a cloud-native SIEM, and the value of a security managed service. This module is intended to be delivered as an additional one-day engagement.

Business value

This stage of the customer journey focuses on highlighting the economic and financial value of purchasing and deploying Microsoft Security and Identity SKUs. Use the Total Cost of Risk Calculator to help customers understand the cost savings of investing in Microsoft products relative to competitors.

Technical value

Partners can invest more deeply in helping customers understand the technical value of the product through a presales production pilot on a select number of seats. Use these resources to run a Threat Protection Pilot and/or Azure Sentinel Pilot on Advanced Security workloads.

Deploy and use

The deploy and use stage is about accelerating post-sales deployment to reach critical milestones, and enabling customers to use the full capabilities of their security and identity products. The following assets and incentives will enable you to deliver this critical value to your customers.

Build your capabilities

Use these resources to enhance your readiness and build your security practice. Prepare your sellers with business development content, and educate your technical architects with specific engineering resources and product roadmaps.

Partner-Customer Success Stories


Glück & Kanja


The German government’s mandate for green energy was a catalyst for change for Uniper, a leading energy supplier. Their search for a more advanced digital ecosystem led them to Glück & Kanja, who provided them with a secure and compliant workspace based on Microsoft 365. Deployed just as Covid-19 hit, Glück & Kanja’s innovative solution reduced risks, allowed for IT agility, and promoted cost-savings in licensing and staffing.

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Imprivata, a healthcare-focused digital identity company, is working with Microsoft to build solutions that address the unique challenges healthcare providers face as they navigate their digital transformation journeys. The joint Imprivata and Microsoft solution is designed to integrate with specialized healthcare workflows, applications, and regulations to deliver an integrated identity and access management platform with seamless single sign-on to almost all applications.


When Netherlands’ leading facilities services provider Vebego decided to make the move from a Citrix/Windows 7 solution to Microsoft 365 E5, the company’s management tapped Microsoft partner InSpark to help them through the transition. InSpark offered its Cloud Security Center managed security solution—and in just three months from the initial agreement, all Microsoft 365 E5 security functionality was deployed. Together with Microsoft, InSpark showed Vebego that the Microsoft 365 E5 security suite was the best approach not only to protecting users, but also to helping detect and respond to threats around the clock.

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