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Security and Compliance

Cloud and mobile computing present opportunities for companies to connect with customers and optimize operations. As your customers embark on their digital transformation journey, they’ll need to tackle the challenges of how to effectively manage security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.


Microsoft 365 is a complete, intelligent solution that includes Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Windows 10 to empower everyone to be creative and work together, securely.

With increasing focus on the need to protect the organization, security and compliance will play a central role in most Microsoft 365 customer engagements. Threats from Ransomware, data breaches and loss of IP are real for Enterprises and Small businesses alike.

Microsoft 365 combines powerful tools and features in one integrated solution with built-in, intelligent security. It offers robust coverage to address customer concerns around identity and access management, information protection, threat protection), and security management.

Partner opportunity

In today’s world, it’s clear that managing security is a struggle for many organizations as the number and severity of threats continues. As a trusted advisor, you can help protect your customers from an ever-evolving threat landscape. Opportunities with Microsoft 365 include:

  • Grow with managed services
    Security is an on-going need, and a shortage of skilled security and compliance professionals means that customers rely on partners to provide the security services they need to help reduce risks.

  • Differentiate your offerings
    Increase mindshare and strengthen customer relationships by offering a more holistic solution. Adding security services will allow you to solve a broader range of customer problems.

  • Increase deal size
    Security is all about end-to-end protection for all users to help keep the entire organization safe, so partners are in a great position to increase deal size. Key events such as GDPR provide new growth opportunities.

Defining the right Microsoft 365 plan for your customer

Selecting a Microsoft 365 plan for your enterprise customers requires more than matching their size — the right fit depends primarily on their risk profile, determined by the sensitivity of the data they must protect, the amount of regulation they face, and how and where their employees access data and apps.

Offer your customers peace of mind. Unlock your business opportunity with Microsoft 365 security and compliance.

Graph comparing security risk profile to org size

Partner go-dos

  • Learn about Microsoft 365, choose your practice area, and prepare your team with sales and technical training
  • Engage customers with assessment tools and ready-to-go campaign assets
  • Provide professional or managed service to your customers and use incentives to grow your business.


Customer engagement tools

Use assessments to jump start customer engagements

Drive customer wins with customizable marketing materials


Partner Evidence

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