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Apps for Microsoft Teams: Empower resilient organizations


Organizations that can navigate and succeed in times of change have one thing in common – they are resilient. And as organizations shift toward distributed work environments – with an evolving mix of onsite and remote employees – they are looking for solutions that enable their teams to work together productively no matter where they’re located.

Teams brings together a unified meetings, chat, calling, and collaboration platform that supports a resilient workforce, and meets changing business needs with apps that enable key business scenarios.

To learn more, check out the apps featured on this page – or explore the full store collection of more than 750 apps for Teams that enable flexibility and customization to help drive successful business outcomes.

Work and be productive from anywhere

Resilient organizations empower employees to be more productive, collaborate effectively, and stay connected in all circumstances. The ever-growing collection of apps for Teams enables organizations by:

  • Enriching meetings experiences with apps that create customized experiences that enable teams to work together productively before, during, and after the meeting. Learn more about customized Teams meetings experiences.
  • Simplifying day-to-day work with apps that provide essential information quickly, and apps that automate workflows.
  • Promoting employee well-being with apps to understand and help improve employee morale.
  • Connecting people with apps to promote communication, drive culture, and inspire change.


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Enrich meeting experiences

Customize meeting experiences with apps that enable teams to work together on essential scenarios.


M365CopyMedia TeamApps Asana 07122020

Plan and run meetings with Asana. Asana is a work management tool that empowers teams to make their meetings more effective and actionable. As teams work through projects, they can lead more focused and productive meetings by attaching Asana to the meeting invite, so everyone has context about what the goals are. During the meeting, individuals can open the Asana integration to write notes and create action items, so that everyone has a clear path about what to do after the meeting ends.

When you plan and run your meetings in Asana, you’ll walk into meetings knowing what to discuss, and walk out knowing what’s next.

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M365CopyMedia TeamApps Range 11122020

Fuel better teamwork with Range. Save time, boost productivity, and keep your team connected, no matter where they’re working.

  • Check-ins reimagine status updates. Make your team more effective in and out of meetings.
  • Know how work is progressing. Go into meetings with the context so you can have meaningful conversations about the work.
  • Run better standups and meetings. Built-in status updates and team roulette keep everyone engaged and on track.
  • Build culture every day, with more than 350 daily team-building questions and emoji mood-sharing options.

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M365CopyMedia TeamApps HireVue 11122020

Identify the strongest talent with interview lifecycle management that makes hiring simple. Today, companies must be able to support distributed teams. HireVue, the global leader in virtual interviewing, brings hiring intelligence and support for one-on-one or group interviews into Teams to help companies make the right hiring decisions faster. With HireVue you can:

  • Create a structured interview in a Teams Meeting.
  • Incorporate predefined interview questions.
  • Capture interviewer ratings of candidate responses to questions.
  • Organize notes throughout the interview for each hiring team member.
  • Accelerate hiring by capturing interviewer decisions within the meeting.

Learn more about HireVue for Teams

Simplify day-to-day work

Take advantage of apps that provide essential information quickly, and apps that automate workflows.

Adobe Sign for Teams

M365CopyMedia TeamApps AdobeSign 07122020

Work smarter, safer, and more efficiently with Adobe Sign – Microsoft’s preferred e-signature solution. Adobe Sign gets documents signed faster when you add it to Teams. Send a document for e-signature and track the signing process at every step from the Adobe Sign tab in Teams.

Key features include:

  • Stay in Teams
  • Track status at every step
  • Receive and send notifications
  • Sign on any device
  • Minimize legal and compliance risks

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M365CopyMedia TeamApps Monday 11122020

Get comprehensive workflow and project management capabilities. A versatile work OS that powers remote teamwork, enables teams to organize, structure, and streamline programs, projects, and processes.

With, use building blocks – such as boards, views, charts, automations, and integrations – to create custom workflow apps to run processes, projects, and everyday work. Create a new board or add to an existing one from within Teams and easily visualize your team’s work in one collaborative workspace.

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ProjectWise 365

M365CopyMedia TeamApps ProjectWise 11122020

Accelerate collaboration with ProjectWise 365 Services. Use ProjectWise 365 Services to save time, eliminate risk, and improve project performance by automating supply chain workflows and managing information exchanges within your digital project environment.

With ProjectWise 365, you can maximize team productivity by simplifying access to project data, accelerating design coordination, and eliminating wasted time navigating disjointed software solutions.

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Promote employee well-being

Leverage apps to understand and help improve employee morale.


M365CopyMedia TeamApps Qubie 04222020

Improve team collaboration and effectiveness with real-time feedback. As we adapt to new routines, including remote work, ensuring your team is working optimally is essential. Qubie pulse surveys are designed to help. Collect team feedback and analyze results to understand where improvements can be made. Interacting is simple, insightful, and captures employee sentiments.

Qubie includes pre-built surveys directly related to effective remote work and work during COVID-19, team performance, employee engagement, fostering collaboration, and more.

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M365CopyMedia TeamApps Hi5 11122020

Unlock culture with ongoing recognition and feedback. Hi5 is a super easy, fun app for managers and peers to give and receive recognition. Somebody’s done a great job? It’s simple – give them a Hi5 and share the celebration of success!

Team members can give peer-to-peer or team recognition, view the Hi5 Leaderboard and view their profiles. The Hi5 Teams app is integrated with full desktop and mobile apps from Hi5, and effectively helps managers get rich insights about team culture and performance with great reports and dashboards.

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M365CopyMedia TeamApps SurveyMonkey 04222020

Run surveys and share analytics seamlessly. Create, share and get feedback with surveys within Microsoft Teams – the platform you use every day.

With polls, surveys and quizzes in Teams Channel or Chat, you can use SurveyMonkey templates to jumpstart survey creation. Enjoy multiple question types, longer surveys, and configuration options. View analytics in real time, share them with advanced and intuitive privacy settings.

The Analytics Tab enables you to share analytics from any SurveyMonkey or Teams survey on the SurveyMonkey tab. Build a shared understanding of survey data with your colleagues to drive better decisions and awareness.

Add SurveyMonkey to Teams

Connect people

Explore apps that promote communication, drive culture, and inspire change.


M365CopyMedia TeamApps Klaxoon 11122020

Get the full suite of collaborative tools for efficient teamwork, anywhere. Thanks to Klaxoon's collaborative tools, you can run efficient meetings, workshops, or training sessions and stay in sync with your colleagues from Teams.

In the room or remotely, harness the power of collective intelligence by boosting participation, making information more visual, and facilitating decision-making. With Klaxoon, you're going to love meetings again – download Klaxoon’s app and start a meeting revolution now.

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M365CopyMedia TeamApps WorkBoard 11122020

Unlock growth by empowering alignment and accountability on business results. Workboard's Active Strategy Management digital, data-driven solution helps organizations set, measure, and implement strategic priorities faster:

  • Cascade objectives and strategic priorities to functional and cross-functional teams.
  • Measure key performance indicators (KPIs) transparently and objectively.
  • Manage goal-aligned projects and actions easily.
  • Surface and address risks and decisions quickly in fact-based meetings.
  • Get continuous business reviews and dashboards for visibility.

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M365CopyMedia TeamApps TalentSoft 11122020

Bring human resources (HR) into the flow of work to foster a collaborative, productive workplace. Talentsoft is a complete human capital management software that focuses on empowering employees and managers in building their careers.

Talentsoft Continuous Conversation helps managers and employees manage their own and their teams’ OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). A simple and flexible one-page application, it supports continuous manager-employee discussions and feedback. It helps companies encourage future-oriented dialogue, focus on employee development, and streamline the traditional appraisal process to decrease time and increase value.

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