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Microsoft 365 for Partners

Teamwork adoption and change management

To help your customers realize their desired business outcomes and return on their Microsoft 365 teamwork investments, it’s critical for you to help them ensure not only that users adopt new services, but also that they embrace those services and use them as part of their natural rhythm of work. Studies show that organizations are six times more likely to meet or exceed business objectives when effective change management is in place.1

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1Prosci, Best Practices in Change Management, 2018.

What is Adoption and Change Management?

Adoption and Change Management (ACM) includes a set of services that supports customer success. From discovering customers’ business needs and how these align to technology, to creating a plan to ensure business outcomes are met, to implementing change-management strategies, partners can deliver value-added services that further support customers’ needs.

Discovery &assessmentStrategydesignImplementationsupportOngoing support& value expansionStart with assessments to help your customers determine business objectives and key sponsors.Define the change management strategy to meet your customers’ desired business outcomes.Support your customers’ implementation of their change management strategy.Use reporting to demonstrate the impact on business goals and to highlight ongoing opportunities.

Customer benefits

Value is realized only when people change the way they work. Customer success and return on investment (ROI) for their technology investments are the keys to strong customer lifetime value. Adoption and Change Management services drive value for our customers in four important ways:

Realize the full value of employee-centric outcomesImprove the likelihood of a successful deploymentHelp employees become more receptive to changeIncorporate embracing change into organizational culture
$9.5USbillionOverall market for change managementrelated to Microsoft technologies for2019, growing at7%annually.2
The partner opportunity

Offering adoption and change management (ACM) services for Microsoft 365 enables you to create value for your customers by educating and motivating users to take full advantage of best-in-class productivity and collaboration tools that lead to new ways of working. The overall market for change management related to Microsoft technologies for 2019 was US$9.5 billion, growing 7 percent annually.2 In addition, a Forrester Total Economic Impact study reports a 44 percent increase in Advisory and Adoption Services revenue per user, year over year.3

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2IDC, A commissioned study of ACM services on Microsoft technologies, 2018.
3Forrester Consulting, “The Partner Opportunity for Creating the Modern Workplace: A Total Economic Impact Partner Opportunity Analysis of Microsoft 365 Enterprise.” A commissioned study, July 2018.

Build your ACM practice for Microsoft Teams

Set yourself up for success by taking advantage of tools and resources designed to help you build and grow your own ACM practice around Microsoft Teams.

Take advantage of the ACM Practice Development Guide

This comprehensive resource includes a wealth of information to help you develop your ACM practice, including investments to make and Microsoft programs available to support your efforts.
Download the ACM Practice Development Guide

Explore the ACM Readiness Track

The Adoption and Change Management track within the Technical Readiness Hub provides access to carefully curated training that can help you build the skills you need to develop a thriving ACM practice. You’ll also find advanced training to help you earn individual certifications and partner competencies.
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Get started
Start with the Teams Adoption Workshop

The Teams Adoption Workshop is a module of the Teamwork Assessment, which is designed to help you engage with business decision makers and IT leaders with a proven framework. Use the Teams Adoption Workshop to identify priority use-case scenarios, create strategic alignment, and define actionable adoption plans that will deliver the most value for your customers. We provide the workshop decks and a delivery guide to help you get up and running quickly.

Check out the Teamwork Assessment

Step up to the Change Management Framework

Speed the development of your practice with Adatum example resources, created by the Microsoft Consulting Services team. This simplified change management approach is tailored to help you drive Microsoft 365 customer adoption and focuses on three phases – Envision, Onboard, and Drive Value.

Review the Change Management Framework

Invest in Microsoft Prosci IP templates

Prosci Change Management resources are designed to help you get to market quickly. These resources provide an introduction to change management and include tools to support low-risk, single workload Microsoft Office 365 technology implementations for your customers. Cost is US$650 per annual license.

Learn more about Prosci change management training for Microsoft partners

Take your skillset and your practice to the next level
Become an Adoption Specialist

The Adoption Specialist course is designed to help you understand the six knowledge areas required to successfully drive the adoption of Microsoft services with your customers. Use this course to build the competency of Adoption Specialists at your customers’ organizations, along with increasing the skills of your own services and sales teams.

Learn more about the Adoption Specialist course

Use Microsoft 365 adoption resources

This collection of resources available through the Microsoft Tech Community helps simplify and accelerate your time to value. It includes guides and other resources developed based on the best practices we’ve gathered from Microsoft, industry experts, and our customers. Resources like the Office 365 Champions program and Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways align to key areas, enabling you to more effectively help your customers drive adoption.

Check out Microsoft 365 adoption resources

Discover ACM partner-to-partner offers

Get to market ahead of competitors and expand your ACM capacity by finding partner offers that can fill out your services. This guide can help facilitate partner-to-partner connections more easily by providing the key details of ACM partner-to-partner offers in your area and contact details to help you make a connection.

Download the ACM partner-to-partner guide

Deliver governance and security for Microsoft Teams

Managing Teams governance and the policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that control how your customers’ business divisions and IT staff work together is critical to remove adoption blockers and drive healthy growth in usage of the technology. Microsoft Teams is built on an intelligent platform that provides a seamless connection between people and relevant content, along with robust security and compliance through centralized policy management.
To get started, check out the Governance Quick Start for Microsoft Teams.

Partner Success Stories


Vitalyst recognized that transforming its organizational culture was the only way to deliver true business outcomes to its customers. The company’s proprietary change management methodology, PROPEL, with its customized adoption and learning programs, has set up customers to accelerate their long-term success with Microsoft 365.

Read the case study

Change Champions

Change Champions needed to differentiate its market offering, so it focused on delivering adoption, communications, and training services for Microsoft 365. The company maximized the growth opportunity by building strong relationships with Microsoft customer success managers (CSMs) and supplemented any service offering gaps by teaming with other likeminded partners.

Read the case study

Wragby Business Solutions & Technologies Limited

Access Bank had deployed Microsoft 365, but employees continued to use legacy tools and processes to collaborate. Wragby Business Solutions and Technologies was invited to pitch its “Acceler8” change management service, a blended framework between Prosci and Microsoft tools.

Read the case study

Develop your skills

Why build an ACM practice?

ACM Partner Opportunity Overview
Understand why you should consider an Adoption and Change Management practice and what the partner opportunity is.

Building an adoption and change management practice (webinar recording)
A introduction to building an Adoption and Change Management practice to help you drive Microsoft 365 customer success and develop new revenue streams.

Build your practice

ACM Practice Development guide
Uncover the reasons you should build an ACM practice, the investments needed, how to prepare your people, and best practices and programs available to help you accelerate building your practice.

ACM learning path
Leverage the training in the Building an Adoption and Change Management learning path to better understand the human side of digital transformation and how you can help your customers prepare.

Change Management Framework
Use our resources and webinar to learn about our simplified change management approach tailored for partners to help to drive Microsoft 365 customer adoption.

Microsoft 365 Prosci IP Bundle
Find out about the Prosci Change Management set of resources, which provides an introduction to change management and templates to help you build your own practice. Cost per license is US$650.  

Train your team

Microsoft Learn Adoption Service Specialist course
Learn how to drive adoption of cloud services, using Office 365 and Microsoft Teams as the example service, to create real-world scenarios that enable positive business outcomes.

Prosci Change Management Certification Program
Immersive three-day training that applies holistic change-management methodologies and tools to one of your projects.

Launch your offer

Partner programs

Co-sell program
Partner with Microsoft to sell your solutions and accelerate your business growth.

Teamwork Assessment
Engage with business and IT leaders to identify customer use cases, create strategic alignment, and define actionable roadmaps that deliver transformational business value.

Claiming Partner of Record (CPOR) and Online Services Usage for Microsoft 365 incentive program (OSU-M365)
Create customer associations, measure your impact with reporting and insights across multiple programs, and get rewarded for successfully driving usage with your customers. 

Microsoft Partner Network Advanced Specialization
Partners who demonstrate deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success driving Microsoft 365 usage and organizational change by providing ACM services can seek the Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization. 

Customer adoption resources

Microsoft 365 adoption homepage
Your hub for all things Microsoft Teams adoption, including vision, practical onboarding guidance, success stories, help, and support.

Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways
Install the Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways training template into your SharePoint environment to provide your employees on-demand, up-to-date training in Microsoft services. Customize to your environment and add your own training playlists.

Champions program
Sign up for our Office 365 Champions Program, a free, online community that is open to all. Join our monthly calls to stay up to date on customer success stories, new features, and adoption and training tools that will help maximize your value from Office 365.

Microsoft 365 usage analytics 
Gain insights into how your customers are adopting various services through Microsoft 365 usage analytics custom reports that are designed to highlight insights for the customer while helping build a business opportunity for the partner.

FastTrack for Microsoft 365
FastTrack for Microsoft 365 helps organizations accelerate deployment and increase user adoption of Microsoft 365.

Grow your business

Learn best practices

Adoption and Change Management Partner Offer Development Guide 
A two-page overview resource that explains the value of building an ACM practice and provides best practices for how to develop your offer.

Extend your ACM services to drive repeatable business value conversations (webinar recording)
Drive ACM services offerings to the next level for improved customer lifetime value and recurring revenue streams.

Align to ACM scenarios

Align your ACM services to key functional and industry scenarios that matter most to your customers.

Functional - day in the life guides by job role
Industry playbooks

Stay connected

ACM Partner Yammer Community
Connect with Microsoft and your peers about the latest resources, tools, and events for adoption and change management.

Microsoft 365 Partner Newsletter
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ACM Partner Community

Connect with Microsoft and your peers about the latest resources, tools, and events for adoption and change management.