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Microsoft Workplace Analytics

Microsoft Workplace Analytics uses data from everyday work in Office 365 to identify collaboration patterns that impact productivity, workforce effectiveness, and employee engagement. Help your customers speed transformation using new insights about the way their people and teams work.

Get workplace insights from Office 365 data

Tap into data from everyday collaboration in Office 365—without disrupting the way people work. Intelligent metrics and built-in dashboards help you visualize insights and track change over time.

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Turns insights into actions that impact your business

Map behaviors to business outcome data to see how collaboration impacts results. Use flexible queries and Power BI integration to create custom reports and dashboards to help improve and speed decision-making.

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Get the security and privacy controls you expect from Office 365

Control data usage and access with flexible privacy controls. Compliance and management features help secure and protect your data.

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Partner opportunity

By expanding your existing toolkit with Workplace Analytics, you can elevate client conversations and help them get new value from the Office 365 data they already have. Powerful metrics and analytical tools enable a broad set of opportunities for transformation, including driving sales productivity, increasing employee engagement, and streamlining processes.

Advisory and consulting

Give your customers unprecedented data-driven insights and analytics services. And apply your expertise to create differentiated consulting solutions that unlock customer value.

Sample practice opportunities

  • Uncover collaboration patterns that lead to higher revenue and more effective management.
  • Reduce organizational complexity.
  • Address wasteful collaboration and meeting cultures.
  • Enhance process efficiency and effectiveness
  • Drive cultural transformations.
  • Inform leadership excellence and development.
Deploy and customize

Develop solutions that expand the impact of Workplace Analytics data, automate manual tasks, and uncover new insights to inform cultural change.

Sample practice opportunities

  • Integrate new data sources to augment behavioral insights from Office 365.
  • Visualize data with dashboards and reports from Power BI and other reporting tools.
  • Develop new tools and solutions using Workplace Analytics data.
Change management, culture, and coaching

Use Workplace Analytics to set up, implement, and measure long-term customer change and transformation initiatives.

Sample practice opportunities

  • Inform leadership initiatives and development.
  • Enable salesforce transformations.
  • Drive diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • Change meeting and collaboration behaviors.
  • Develop executive dashboards and reporting systems.
  • Create and validate effective workspace planning initiatives.

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