Get your Development Edition.Development Edition.

Devices are shipping now. If you haven’t yet applied, join the dynamic HoloLens community today. Help build the future of holographic computing.


Wave 6 devices are currently shipping.

What you’ll need to purchase your Development Edition


  • You are a developer in the United States or Canada where the Development Edition will first be available.
  • You are a Windows Insider. By participating in the Windows Insider program, you agree to provide feedback and work with us to define the future of holographic computing.
  • Please note that the Development Edition hardware and apps are in English only.

The path to purchase

  • To build a vibrant community, we are looking for a wide spectrum of developers to create diverse experiences. The more you share in your application form, the easier it will be for us to see how you’ll help build the future of holographic computing with us, one inspired idea at a time.
  • Accepted applicants will be invited to purchase the Development Edition.
  • Devices are shipping now. We will work to get devices out as quickly as possible. As soon as additional devices are available, more accepted applicants will be invited to purchase. Invitations may not arrive in the order in which applications were received.

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If you’ve already applied

We’ll review your application shortly. If approved, you’ll be invited to purchase the Development Edition. We’ll be sending invitations to purchase in waves as devices become available. Each wave will ship over a period of approximately one month (timing may vary).

We are currently shipping devices in Wave 6. We'll update this as we move to new waves, so check back for the latest.

Meanwhile, watch Alex Kipman and Kudo Tsunoda’s welcome to the team.

FAQs about the application and purchase process

I’m a developer who wants to purchase a Microsoft HoloLens. What do I do?

Developers are invited to complete an application to indicate their interest. We are looking for a wide spectrum of developers to create diverse apps and experiences. The Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition is currently shipping in the United States and Canada only. Apply here.

Can I buy a Microsoft HoloLens at the Microsoft Store?

Your local retail Microsoft Store does not have inventory of the Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition. Because we are selling to developers who have applied for the device, we are selling direct to those who have been invited to purchase.

What options are available to commercial?

For volume orders, professional service engagements, or more information about enterprise features, contact your Microsoft account representative.

I applied, what happens next?

Thanks for your application! Look for an email from us within 1-2 weeks indicating the status of your application. If your application is approved, a wave number will be provided within this email. You can also check your status online by logging in here. Each wave will ship in approximately one month, and your invitation to order may come at any time in this period. Once you place an order, your device(s) should arrive within about a week.

What wave is being served now?

We are currently shipping devices in Wave 6. Each wave will ship over a period of approximately one month and your invitation to order may come at any time within this window (timing may vary).

How many devices can I buy?

You may buy up to two devices when you receive your invitation.

I bought one device and now I want to purchase a second. Where do I go?

If you are still within the 10 days following your invitation to purchase, please go to the Canadian or United States store and click on the “returning user” link in the upper right-hand corner.

I’m having trouble purchasing my device. Who can help?

The first step is to apply. If you have not yet applied, apply now and fill out the required information. As devices come available, we’ll invite more developers to purchase.
If you have already received an invitation to purchase and need help with the purchase process, send an email to or call 866-425-4709 (Choose option 3). The call center is open Monday through Friday, 8AM to 9PM EST.

I received an invitation to purchase, but I can’t complete the transaction. What can I do?

There are a few things you can troubleshoot before contacting Microsoft Store for help.

  1. Confirm you are signing in with the same Microsoft Account email address that you used in your application.
  2. Confirm you have entered all your information correctly.
  3. Confirm that the address associated with your Microsoft Account is an address in North America. If it is not in North America, you won’t be able to complete the transaction.

If you still cannot complete your purchase, send an email to or call 866-425-4709 (choose option 3).

I haven’t received an invitation to purchase, but my online status shows that I have already received my invitation. Where is my invitation email?

First, check your spam email folder. If you don’t find the email there, and try these steps if your status was approved in the last 10 days. Please note that if you weren’t yet invited to purchase, you will not have access to your private store.

  • Step 1: To verify your identity, click here for the US Store, or here for the Canadian Store and enter the email address that you use for your Windows Insider account.
  • Step 2: Look for an email from the Microsoft Store with a link to your private ordering site. Follow the link, and log in with that same email address.
  • Step 3: Follow the steps to complete your purchase. You may purchase up to two devices and must provide a shipping address in the United States.

Still have questions?

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What’s included

What’s in the box

Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition


Carrying case

Microfiber cloth


Micro-USB 2.0 cable

Included accessories


The clicker enables you to select, scroll, hold, and double-click during extended, interactive scenarios.

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Hardware details


See-through holographic lenses (waveguides)
2 HD 16:9 light engines
Automatic pupillary distance calibration
Holographic Resolution: 2.3M total light points
Holographic Density: >2.5k radiants (light points per radian)

HoloLens has see-through holographic lenses that use an advanced optical projection system to generate multi-dimensional full-color holograms with very low latency so you can see holographic objects in your world. The key to a great holographic experience is holograms that are light point rich, i.e. have a high holographic density, and are pinned or anchored to the world around you. To achieve this, HoloLens has been designed for optimal holographic density of 2.5K radiants. The more radiants and light points there are, the brighter and richer the holograms become.


4 environment understanding cameras
1 depth camera
1 2MP photo / HD video camera
Mixed reality capture
4 microphones
1 ambient light sensor

HoloLens contains advanced sensors to capture information about what you’re doing and the environment you’re in. The built in cameras also enable you to record, something we call mixed reality capture (MRC), HD pictures and video of the holograms in the world around you to share with others.

Human Understanding

Spatial sound
Gaze tracking
Gesture input
Voice support

With HoloLens you can create and shape holograms with gestures, communicate with apps using your voice and navigate with a glance. HoloLens understands your gestures, gaze, and voice, enabling you to interact in the most natural way possible. With spatial sound, HoloLens synthesizes sound so you can hear holograms from anywhere in the room, even if they are behind you.

Input / Output / Connectivity

Built-in speakers
Audio 3.5mm jack 
Volume up/down
Brightness up/down
Power button
Battery status LEDs
Wi-Fi 802.11ac
Micro-USB 2.0

Microsoft HoloLens is the first fully untethered holographic computer running Windows 10. It is completely self-contained, with no wires, phones, or connection to a PC needed.


Intel 32 bit architecture
Custom-built Microsoft Holographic Processing Unit (HPU 1.0)

In addition to the CPU/GPU, HoloLens comes with a Microsoft HPU. This custom silicon efficiently processes a large amount of data per second from the sensors. HoloLens understands gestures and where you look, and maps the world all around you, all in real time.


Battery Life

  • 2-3 hours of active use
  • Up to 2 weeks of standby time
  • Fully functional when charging

Passively cooled (no fans)



What you need to develop

Windows 10 PC able to run Visual Studio 2015 and Unity 5.4

Learn about designing and developing apps for HoloLens at:


64GB Flash

OS and Apps

Windows 10
Windows Store

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Get the emulator.

Download the Windows SDK and the HoloLens emulator.

With documentation, tutorials, and forums, developers with or without a device can begin building holographic apps using the Universal Windows Platform.

Advanced technology only from Microsoft.

Microsoft HoloLens is the world’s most advanced holographic computer. Find out more about its advanced optics, multiple sensors, custom holographic processing unit, and more.

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