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Age Calculator is a cool app which calculates your age and also calculates the total number of years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds that you have spent on Earth from the day you were born. Age Calculator also tells you the day of the week on which you were born. Thank You everybody who reviewed our app. You helped us a lot to improve our app. Version 2016.1.1.1 (Updated Version) : -Completely overhauled UI -Now fast & responsive -Added Live Age and Event time -Added most requested feature - difference between two dates -Also added Remaining Time Countdown Version 2015.03.15.1 : -Added option to share calculated age on Social Networks -Added dedicated Save DOB and Use DOB option -Some UI tweeks Version : -Bug Fixed : application used to crash when played music with it Version 9.0 : -Added most requested save Date of Birth (DOB) option. Version 8.0 : -Added some animation in about and contact us page. -Some bug fixes. Version 7.0 : -Some bug fixes. Version 6.0 : - Added UK App Challenge - Stability improvements. Version 5.0 : -Some bug fixes. Version 4.0 : - Now even faster age calculation - Added about page - Updated Contact details - Some UI changes. Version 3.0 : - Added the most requested birth time option. - Some UI changes. Version 2.0 : - More precise age calculation. - Updated "Contact Us" page. Version 1.0 : On the basis of Birth Date entered the application calculates the age in : - years - months - days - hours - minutes - seconds.


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