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Be prepared to be amazed with this ultimate collection of Fun and Interesting facts from all around the world. DID YOU KNOW? “A hippopotamus can run faster than a man can.” “A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out.” “In most watch advertisements the time displayed on a watch is 10:10.” With more than 11,000 Interesting and Unusual facts collected from all over the globe, presented in a simple and beautiful user interface, this app is sure to entertain you and amaze you whenever you need it. What’s more, with an easy to use share button, you can share any of these cool facts with your friends and family via email, sms, facebook, twitter etc. and include them in the fun too. Use the save button to save the fact along with the background character, to your “Saved Pictures” folder. From there you can share the Image to your social networks like Facebook and Twiiter or in your e-mail, SMS and WhatsApp. Don’t forget to leave a rating if you like this app. WHAT’s NEW in V1.1? - Save your favourite facts to “Saved Pictures” gallery. - App UI is now based on your theme (Dark or light) HOW TO USE The app would present you with an amazing fact from its collection whenever you open it. You can press the “Shuffle” button to ask the app for another amazing fact. Alternatively try shaking your phone to be presented with a new random fact. Use the “Share” button to share the current amazing fact with your friends. ABOUT US We make simple and useful apps which are easy to use and are loved by everyone. Our best windows phone apps and games will be coming soon. Your feedback is valuable to us! DISCLAIMER The facts listed in the app are believed to be true, but we have not verified all of them, so some of the information may be incorrect.


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