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The best wallpapers for anime in a surprising app. You will find great images that will make you remember epic battles, romantic meetings and poignant farewells, and the best of all, you can take them wherever you go on your Smartphone or Tablet. You can customize your gadget by changing your lockscreen, your wallpaper and up to the screen of your PC thanks to the incredible quality HD. But this is just the beginning, you'll find a wide range of categories with thousands of images to enjoy and share. No matter what your favorite anime, here you will find all the genres that you love. Not only this, will also have the opportunity to test your skills as a connoisseur of the anime with our fun game in which you must write the correct name of the character and thus unlock exclusive wallpapers. You'll find all this and more with incredible resolution. Features: 1. High quality images: Optimized for Smartphone, tablets and PC. 2. Many images: Hundreds of images completely at your disposal. 3. Updated directly your lock screen: With a single button, without complications. 4. Beautiful interface: It facilitates the navigation is simple and minimalist, you'll notice the love with which it was done. 5. Increases your KI above the 2,500,000,000 Don't miss all that bring for you, You will love to carry all your favorite characters with you wherever you go.


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