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GERMAN / ENGLISH / FRENCH / SPANISH (Multilanguage) Very difficult, a challenge, a long game! Shooter & Arcade & Strategy Game Third-person perspective Battle Killer Mustang X. What if ... 1941 in Hawaii, in "Pearl Harbor" you fly the Mustang, instead of the Curtiss P-40. Or, what if ... (Top Secret) you fly the F-22 Raptor. Fight against the Japanese power of submarines, destroyers and aircraft carriers, such as: Shokaku, and Akagi, and its Zero (Mitsubishi A6M) aircraft. Do not let the Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland and others, like the Enterprise, be destroyed. + automatic targeting + P-51 Mustang / F-22 Raptor + Armament cannons / missiles + light / heavy + Flight control normal / intervened Try it! Influencing American history and saving thousands of people. There are 12 missions available. From, a story runs through the game that just starts and ends badly. The Mustang P-51 and the Raptor F-22 are at your disposal to master this game. !! NO ADVERTISEMENT !! !! NO in-app purchase !! Documentation: http://www.szonn-games.com/mustangx/docu Good flight pilot!



  • 12 missions

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Michael Szonn 2011 - 2018

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Michael Szonn, Creative Prodution, Germany

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English (United States)

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