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Boxing Workouts lets you create a custom workout for shadow boxing sessions. Generate workouts to target specific techniques or to master your own combos. The app will generate an audio workout of your desired length which you can save to MP3 to use anywhere (not in trial). This is ideal for practicing head movement, combos and footwork. The app contains a glossary of the most common boxing moves and their shorthand abbreviations which you can use to make your own custom workouts. The glossary also includes simple descriptions for common slips and punches. Each time you generate a workout you get a completely new unique workout of the length you want. You can generate complex workouts with many moves or simple ones, if you are a beginner. The Boxing Workouts app lets you input your own combos and generate a progressive workout that will let you build your combos step by step. All workouts progress from simple to complex. You can specify which moves to have in the workout, how long the combos should be and how long the workout should last. For each generated workout, you can create a similar one with just one click. Each generated workout is unique so that you get an infinite source of shadow boxing audio workouts. The workouts are great for practicing slips (including regular slips, duck slips, slides and steps) and punch combinations (punches are numbered in the classical order: jab, cross, left hook, right hook, left uppercut, right uppercut). The app scales on all your devices and supports both the light and dark themes.


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