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Best app for Job Searching and Learning in India. Find Jobs Now! CareerBuddy is best app for Job Searching, Learning and things that help in building your career. It is very useful in every aspect starting from learning new technology to getting a dream job. It is useful for Students, Job Seekers and Recruiters. Job Searching and Job Posting 💼 Finding a dream job is very important milestone in career of any individual. Job not only ensure your financial independence, but also adds valuable experience, knowledge and confidence under your belt. CareerBuddy makes job search easy, effective and efficient. We provide timely job alerts, but one can search jobs as per his convenience. We do not create user's online job profile and share it directly with recruiters. This ensures your data privacy. Your resume and other info remains on your device, which you can share with recruiters only if you want to apply for job. You can search jobs which are relevant to you. Jobs can be searched according to location, company and skills. We support multiple ways of job application i.e. Email, Phone and Online Form. Recruiters can post jobs using this App. Once posted job will be scrutinized by our team before it gets activated. After activation Job seekers can find the job in the app. CareerBuddy makes email application easy by automatically formatting email application and attaching your resume. Yes that's true, you do not need to write email and attach resume for each application. You just need to click on Apply Email and Send the email directly. Recruiters and teachers can create exams or tests to access candidates technical abilities. One can post jobs on behalf of his employer and earn referral bonus as well. 🤑 Learning 🎓 To effectively advance in career, one has to continuously learn new skills and technologies. Specially in todays era, where technology space is changing rapidly. Using CareerBuddy one can Learn New Skills, Technologies and Computer Languages. One can also find the information about learning places such as Colleges, Institutes and Tutors in this app. We have indexed best in class Articles and Videos recommended by industry experts. They cover almost all concepts within a technology. That allows you to concentrate on learning instead of wasting time searching good quality contents online. Just like a book, we arrange contents in such a way that they create base for the next concept. And that helps you learn faster than randomly reading contents online. This gives you same experience as that of reading a book or learning in a class room. you don't have to purchase and carry books, which saves some money as well. Just install CareerBuddy and Learn on-the-go. Additionally CareerBuddy also has number of Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) on different technologies. You can practice or take Mock Exams. They will help you to Prepare for Exam or Interview. list of courses available: Digital Marketing, Android Application Development, Algorithms, Data Structures, Design Patterns, C, C++, Java, C#, ASP .NET, PHP, HTML, Java Script


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