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The objective of this game is to help 'Charlotte Gomes' unravel the crimes, finding the following items: Who killed him? The thief, ex-husband, the gardener or the maid. What time did the crime? One hour, three hours, four hours or five hours. Weapon with which the crime was committed? Knife, gun, rope or brass knuckles. What evidence was left in place? Digital, hairs, cigarette or footprint. In that environment Crime happened? Living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Which sounds occurred before, during and after the crime? Dog, phone, running, walking, window breaking, buzzer, weeping female, male crying, port, beer, rain, cricket, knife, revolver, rope, brass knuckles and cry. 'Charlotte Gomes' is a sensitive detective, with the help of addition, hear, see and feel moments of the crime. Game starts being timed here. Step 1 - Gather information: 1a-When entering the front-end and always listening to sounds that preceded the crime; 1b-Inside the house runs all environments and photographing the site, and you always see images and hear sounds that occurred during the crime; 1c-always comes out the back and listening sounds that followed the crime; Step 2 - Uncover the crime: 2a-After collecting Charlotte back in the office and the photos revealed, through the TACT, try to feel each element of the crime. Each correct element vibrates at a greater length than the others; 2b-Once discovered elements (2a) Charlotte got to remember the sounds before, during and after the crime; Note: At least once, the information on the screen after the splash screen. They will give you very useful tips for the game. COME ON!! Help Charlotte to unravel the crimes.


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Tuelho Studios

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Tuelho Studios

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