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♥ Doodle Paint & Draw is the better way to decorate your pics than by adding your own doodles, texts,draw ,captions & stickers. This is by far the best way to personalize your pictures! Coloring and drawing are proved to help adult release stress and feel energized. It is a great way to relax your mind and have fun. Enjoy color therapy for free now! Features ★ Take or choose a photo with your phone. ★ Over 500 original drawn doodles. ★ A lot of themes for different moments of your life. ★ Click sticker and choose the doodle stickers of your choice. ★ A huge variety of colors. ★ Draw stickers on photo ★ Adjust color, add effects, frame, clone and draw on your photos ★ Add Overlay Texts, Stickers, Quotes on photo ★ Create custom typography using a wide variety of fonts and colors. ★ Easy rotation, crop or resize of photos ★ Use photos from your gallery and camera ★ Save your final result to your Device. ★ Sharing with your friends, family and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram and more social apps.


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Moon Light


Moon Light @2018-2019

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Moon Light

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